Aug 28, 2015

This piece of Star Wars social media is a gem

Remember the crap people were throwing JJs way when so few woman were supposedly cast in The Force Awakens?

The people who run the Star Wars Facebook page clearly know a thing or two about handling sexism issues in this new Star Wars / social media era.

Check out this response to a fanboy / troll comment about Captain Phasma's armour:

Simply Brilliant.

Aug 27, 2015

Finn draws a saber. Not just any saber. Anakin Skywalker's blue one. Or rather the one people call Luke's.

Aug 26, 2015

Bet you didn't know a bloke called Moebius was the inspiration for ESB's Imperial Droid

Kitbashed has done it again with a flash of brilliance in demonstrating how (for this author) one of the coolest things in The Empire Strikes Back came to be in the film.

I'm talking about the Imperial Probe Droid that finds the Rebel Base on Hoth. Some keen folk call it the Viper droid or Probot.

So every usually goes on about how Ralph McQuarrie or Joe Johnston had the most artistic sway over how the Star Wars universe looked and felt. And this is true, but on this occasion, another very famous person contributed in the most minor way but that contribution left a pretty cool mark on Empire.

Mobieus draw a very small robot in the corner of a frame in what became a well known piece of science fiction called The Long Tomorrow:

imperial droid found in the long tomorrow by Mobieus

As to how the production crew of The Empire Strikes Back came to use the robot, Kitbashed ponders:

"The story supposedly goes (which is my way of saying that I’ve heard, but have so far found no evidence of) that the production team received permission from Mœbius to use his design. That may be true, after all Mœbius did himself go on to produce a number of drawings in the Star Wars universe, and Dan O'Bannon had worked with him, etc. But given how most of the other inspirational borrowings for Star Wars have gone down, I see little reason to believe that this one would be any different."

So there we have it. Another example of Star Wars taking an idea from another piece of media and making something awesome.

Extra for Experts:

Leigh Bracket, who is credited on Empire also wrote a story called The Long Tomorrow, her story was different in nature being set in a post apocalyptic America. It was published in 1955.

Aug 17, 2015

So all this fuss about Amy Schumer and no one cares about everything else that has come before?

Princess Leia's slave bikini from Return of the Jedi is an iconic part of Star Wars. Serving to titillate young men everywhere (and maybe young women too), that gold bikini has become the gold standard for all kinds of measures. Am I as pretty as Leia? Should I wear a gold bikini to a cosplay convention? What if I'm just taking the piss. What if my children see a woman wearing a gold bikini and this offends me?

Amy Schumer naked in bed with R2D2 and C3PO

Enter Amy Schumer. An 'overnight' success in the sense that she's popular after years of hard work. So what does she do? She dons the gold bikini and sexes it up by giving oral pleasure to a blue lightsaber and having an apparent threesome with R2D2 and C3PO.

And queue the outrage across the internet! Twitter was abuzz. Abuzz! So much so some one in the official Star Wars camp felt the need to tweet about the outrage:

It was nearly up there with people getting out raged that Sansa was raped in Game of Thrones.


But as with that show where there had already been been plenty of raping and abuse of female characters, the moment something ugly and brutal happened to a fan favourite and no one really said much (Jaime and his sister excluded), all bets were off and fans were outraged that Leia's image had been compromised.

Same thing with Amy Schumer. She was accused of being disgusting. Sure, she was proactive and pushing a line where some people may not be comfortable but no one care when America's Next Top Model donned the same golden bikini and kicked Jar Jar in the nuts. Maybe that's because a lot of people hate Jar Jar so don't care. Maybe that's because Amy Schumer isn't America's Next Top Model.

Mark Hamill approved though. Bless his dirty heart.

Amy won't care regardless, she got the publicity she wanted, which frankly is what it is all about.

While fans will love and adore Star Wars and let it become a part of their heart and soul, they need to remember the owner of Star Wars is all about making money, and sex sells baby, sex sells.

Aug 16, 2015

Rogue One is 'A Star Wars Story'

So. Rogue One now officially has a descriptor with its title.

“A Star Wars Story”

This is clearly a device to help inform people that RogueOne is actually a Star Wars movie so they should part with their money and go see the movie as filler until VIII comes out. I say filler in the loosest sense ever.

But is it necessary to describe Rogue One as a Star Wars movie? It’s almost redundant as when it comes time to market the movie THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WILL BE INFORMED THAT IT IS A STAR WARS MOVIE. All eyes will be on it and the huge cross it will have to bear. 

What cross do I refer to? I’m taking about the load of expectations fan boys and casual movie goers will have for it as it follows on the heels of The Force Awakens... 

TFA will be a massive hit, no matter what. It will be the biggest movie of 2015 and will beat what Jurassic World did. And there will be a demand for a repeat dose of it in Rogue One. Further, if TFA fails critically, people will be looking to Rogue One to remedy any mistakes made in that movie (there will be mistakes and missteps, it will be impossible for JJ Abrams and Disney to not to).

What’s interesting to note is that as part of the official Rogue One casting announcement, the film is simply referred to as Rogue One with no mention of ‘A Star Wars Story’.

So what about these films being touted as ‘anthology’ films.

Well, an anthology is just a collection of stories or tales or songs so these Star Wars films (stories – Ed) should be able to be packaged together as an anthology – but I reckon the change has been made as too many people questioned the use of anthology or were confused by it. Confused in, how can a release of a single film and another two years later be called (or marketed as) an anthology?

Any ways, who cares, we’re getting more Star Wars and we cant.hardly.wait.