Feb 14, 2017

How did Han Solo and Chewbacca Meet?

How did Chewbacca meet Han Solo? 

In the expanded universe books, Han Solo and Chewie first meet on an Empire slave ship while Lt. Solo is employed an Imperial pilot.

Their connection begins when Solo boards a derelict slaving craft to find that its cargo of Wookiee children had escaped and all that was left on board was a severely wounded Wookiee in the pilot’s seat.

Han was ordered to skin the helpless Chewbacca alive but refused. A court martial and an escape ensued as a result of this insubordination. Chewbacca later swore that he owed a life debt to Han and wouldn’t leave his side.

And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

But that touching story is no longer official canon and is now shelved under the Legendary

So the question is, will the Han Solo anthology story cover how Han and Chewie became best mates? It certainly will cover Han and Lando's friendship.

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