Apr 22, 2013

7 ways The Force Awakens could destroy the Millennium Falcon

crashed  Millennium Falcon

If the Millennium Falcon was to be destroyed in the new Stars Wars movie, The Force Awakens, how should she go?

This evocative fan art of a crashed or derelict Millennium Falcon being used as a starting point for Episode VII is pretty cool.

It’s suggesting that yes, the original trilogy has been and gone, it’s time for something new.

Which got me wondering, if the Millennium Falcon was to make a grand exit from the Star Wars franchise how could she go? 

7 ways Episode VII could destroy the Millennium Falcon

1.  Han’s drunk and showing off so attempts to to again do the the Kessel Run in less than twelve par-secs. Hits an asteroid during the first par-sec.

2. Someone finds the droids they were looking for on her. They blow it up, trying to get R2D2 out of a smuggler’s hidey hole.

3. Greedo’s long lost son hunts down Han and plants a bomb on her in an attempt to kill Han. Han survives due to be way too hungover to do any work that day and stayed in bed.

4. Out of his mind on Ewok whiskey, Chewbacca crashes her on a midnight booty call trip to Kashyyyk.

5. Luke uses it to try and kill some womprats back home and comes face to face with the ultimate womprat.

6. Han doesn’t pay his parking fines and the city of Mos Eisley takes the ship as punishment. Han stubbornly does not pay his fines and the Falcon is crushed and sold as scrap metal.

7. Princess Leia, late for a girl’s night out enters incorrect co-ordinates and drives the Falcon into the hanger exit.

Image found on Google Plus using #starwars, lost the link sorry. 


  1. hmm,

    maybe Lukes Jedi trainee could be fooled by a dark-side character to hunt Han Solo down by accusing him of treason or for killing jar jar binx - which would be far more entertaining.

    Some where during this dog fight to get Han the Jedi uses the force to disable the anti-gravity stabilizers on the Falcon,while han is trying to lose him close to a planet.

    So the falcon goes down, caught in the planets gravity like a spinning top, but of course our hero, han, escapes in a one man safety eject pod. The escape pod isn't detected by the jedi as several parts such as its radar break up just as our hero Han escapes.

    but don't get all plot twisty and such, more dark side ominous presence type stuff and relevant action scenes.
    oh and add yodas twin brother in a jedi fight, heh that was epic.

    I never understood why Vader used lasers when so close to his targets, he could have used the force. Unless there's some undocumented limit to the distance the force can be effective =p

  2. Yoda's twin brother? That's some crazzyyyyyy stuff! Thanks for your ideas!