May 5, 2013

Simon Pegg probably won't be in Star Wars despite being BFF with JJ Abrams

simon pegg in hot fuzz

Simon Pegg was asked about the possibility of his casting in JJ Abram's Episode VII and said:

“I would never go up to him and ask him, because if he wants me he’ll ask me, and if he doesn’t, he won’t. 

I won’t be upset about that. I will be thrilled to watch a new Star Wars film, but in a way I would prefer not to be in it, then I can watch it as a fan and not have it spoiled by me.

And perhaps JJ wants to keep the two universes separate — I totally get that. It probably rules me out.”

By 'universes' Pegg is referencing Star Trek. But you never know, they do seem like great buddies.

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