Jul 30, 2013

The 45 greatest Star Wars cosplay outfits ever!


Cosplaying. It’s what fans of any movie, comic, book, TV show or video game do. It’s fun to dress up as your favourite character and run around the universe in green leotards and re-enact classic scenes and poses.

What's that Mr Lucas, you want me to shoot first?
And where a film like Star Wars has been around since 1977 and featured 6 movies, one animated movie a whole series about the Clone Wars and has left a galaxy littered with comics, books and video games there’s sure to be one or two fans who want to dress up like that universe’s characters.


Take the sand people of instance:

sand people cosplaying starwars

While we all wanted to be Luke or Leia growing up, these grown up cosplayers have done the whole gamult of Stars Wars characters. Check out this 50 greatest cosplayers doing Star Wars – we’ve Gredos, X-Wing_pilots, Jaden and Jedi. There’s a few Sith Lords and a parady of a Sith Lord. Wookies, wookies in bikinis, sexy babes in bikinis and a Jar Jar on a plate. Yes, that’s right Jar Jar Binks on a plate:

Round house to Jar Jar by an A Curry
jar jar binks head on a plate


Is this the cutest lil Ewok since Wicket? Oh wait it is Wicket! Well close enough lil guy:

Some kind of Zombie Ewok?
Possibly the cutest Ewok cosplay ever. Cha wanga eh!

Darth Vader, Sith Lord and father of the year.

There's no cosplay without one of the greatest villains in all movie history is there? When you think of an evil character you think of Anakin Skywalker and all the misery he unleashed on the Galaxy. Hence, he makes for great role play:

'Harass your employee' Vader
Spaceballs Vader
Steam Punk Vader

Clones and Storm Troopers

These are the guys that apparently can shoot to save themselves, save for when Order 66 was made. First up is Elvis Trooper. Remember, what happens in the Cantina, stays in the Cantina.

storm trooper elvis cosplay
Thank you very much.
big tits star wars
'Busting out of her corset' Trooper
zombie star wars clone trooper
Zombie Trooper

where's wally star wars
Where's Wally Trooper (he's on the steps - Ed)
Sith Lords we have known

Vader and the Emperor Palpatine are perhaps the most famous Sith Lords in the Star Wars universe. Darth Maul was made popular in the Phantom Menace and Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. But no one wants to dress up as Count Dookie, it's all about the Sith babes in body paint it seems:

body paint star wars girl

The Ray Park / Darth Maul is a popular choice:

These are the droids and robots we're looking for

R2D2 and C3PO are to the Star Wars realm as to what Bert and Ernie are to Sesame Street. In other words, vital to the sucess of the franchise. Here's some sweet droid cosplay:

Ballerina R2
The cutest R2 unit ever?

leia art cosplay
Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!
The sexiest C3PO ever?

Nothing wrong with a bit of Fett in your sandwhich?

Gamer Grrl Fett

jaina solo cosplay

One Leia to rule them all...

Pick one, any one
Three's a crowd?
male leia cosplay
But not this dude

speeder bike star wars
Sometimes the Princess has to stop larping about in her golden bikini and actually do some work. Thus we have speeder bike Leia.

Top Model Adrienne Curry showing why she's a top model

Every hero needs a Wing Man or Wing Woman as the case may be....

You can call me Miss

Y Wing or A Wing?
Wedge, is that you?

We'll just leave this one here....

Sometimes you just need to dress up in in your favorite Star Wars beach wear... We no complain:

Yes, we know, it's a trap!

ackbar cosplay

The best till last?

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