Oct 8, 2013

Given The Force Awakens will not be an independent film but a Disney film, will it be forced to have opening credits?

falcon going into an asteroid - empire strikes back

When George Lucas originally put all the credits of the people who helped make his film at the end of the show to preserve the dramatic opening, he boxed himself into a corner and then came out swinging like a champ.

Apparently the Writers' Guild and Directors' Guild had allowed this to happen as no one thought the film would be awesome. Apparently.

When Empire Strikes Back rolled around the unionists through their toys. I say unionists as that's the guilds are - organised professionals. The unionists didn't want Lucas breaking with their rules so they fined him and Empire's director Irvine Kershner. Lucas wasn't having any of this bollocks, paid the fines and then quit the various bodies that were getting in his way. And thus the Star Wars films became effectively known as independent films - especially as Lucas was stumping up the cash to produce them himself.

Which is all to George's credit - Star Wars gave him the luxury of being his own man. He could do what he wanted and the studios would still support him and distribute his films. His dispute with the DGA did apparently prevent him from hiring his pal Steven Spielberg to direct Return of the Jedi. Apparently.

Which got me thinking, now that Lucasfilm has been sold to Disney & George has stepped away from the the story writer and director's chairs to act as a glorified consultant to JJ Abrams - will the status quo remain? Will Star Wars The Force Awakens credits be left to be displayed at the end? I think where they currently sit is awesome as they get to go out on John William's most excellent scores.

It will be weird enough that Fox's trumpet fanfare won't play before the classic yellow Star Wars logo appears so to have the introduction of Star Wars The Force Awakens interrupted by "A film by JJ Abrams" would just be garish. Can you imagine if halfway through Revenge of the Sith's battle opening we had to cut to "A Walt Disney production"?

They could of course do an elongated opening scene - some James Bond movies have done that very successfully, but then that is a tradition for those movies - do a cool action scene and then have nude woman dance around guns whilst the credits play.

So, let's hope the new Star Wars is modeled on the prior six movies and the credits come at the end!

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