Oct 27, 2013

Star Wars 2015 is happening. How do we know?

Luke Vs Rancor from Jedi
Because the shareholders of Disney need to be advised if anything has compromised or will interfere with projected earnings - so says Jedi Master SQL

"If Disney opted to release the film in 2016 then they would be required to advise the stock market at the time of decision as that would impact on accounts by material value. They haven't confirmed the specific release date at this point but I understand that 11/11/15 is still the target."

The man on the ground further backs this up with:

"There are two production designers on Episode VII, Rick Carter and Darren Gilford. This is highly unusual and a sign that they are moving swiftly towards production and want a fast set-up. That could mean that they'll be designing and building on location and on the soundstages at the same time, thereby speeding up production."

With the recent deal with Harrison Ford seemingly completed, we are on track for a 2015 release - possibly not keeping in with the month of May release tradition...

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