Nov 9, 2013

Why everybody needs to chill the heck out about the production of Stars Wars The Force Awakens

People are seriously getting freaked out about the 'reports', the rumours and the ACTUAL FACTS that are coming about about the development of Star Wars The Force Awakens. One can understand why they are concerned - they love Star Wars and they don't want another repeat of The Adventures of Jar Jar.

But everybody needs to chill the heck out because the right people have the right motives for making the right movie. It just takes a lot of time and there are always bumps along the way.

Let's start with the concerns about the film not coming out in May. People have been committing hari kari on the internet's message boards about it, suggesting that Star Wars is ruined now that it's not coming out in May as the other movies traditionally have. Seriously, calm the heck down people! The date does not matter. Not one bit. Get over yourself internet.

The internet also totally lost it's shit when it was announced that JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan were taking over writing duties from Micheal Ardnt. It was seen as a sign that all the work Ardnt had done was simply being redone as it wasn't good enough! It was all wrong! Star Wars was delayed!

The reality is that Arndt had done his dash with Star Wars (over a year's work) and wanted to move on. JJ and Kasdan are both so close the project it seems natural that they would continue his work - they of course will have been talking and working with Ardnt for over a whole year. This is also a normal thing in Hollywood - many people have many hands in many scripts - a lot of efforts also go uncredited - a famous example is that Quentin Tarantino did some work on The Crimson Tide but never received a screen credit. So everyone needs to chill the heck out, this event is not a sign that that the Titanic is sinking.

The fact we now have an extended release date than first announced means the producers of the film understand this film has to be cooked just right. It cannot be done under a forced pressure cooker, it needs to be baked in a great kitchen (Lucasfilm) by a great cook (JJ Abrams) following a great recipe (Lucas).

Every one should also bear in mind that a great production team has been assembled and Lucasfilm know how to make Star Wars movies. Katherine Kennedy has produced some of the greatest films ever. JJ freaking gets it,

Yes some things will change. The famous Fox trumpets will not ring out prior to the theme music starting but who know's maybe they'll come out with something else...

So in summary, NOTHING has come to light that shows the The Force Awakens movie is in trouble. There's nothing wrong with the production crew. JJ Abrams in not on the verge of quitting and Kennedy and Iger are not having fisticuffs in the boardroom.

Star Wars is on trek track...

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