Dec 5, 2013

These are the pictures of Princess Leia slave bikini that you've been looking for

Carrie found the sand uncomfortable but couldn't resist a splash and dash in the ocean


Carrie Fisher was known for being a fun loving lass on the sets of Star Wars. Her apparent coke addiction may have had something do with it or maybe she was just a free spirit. Either way, a picture of Carrie flashing George Lucas whilst wearing the infamous golden bikini that featured in Return of the Jedi. The look on Lucas’ face is pretty amusing one of must not stare! Or is it…

This is the classic Carrie Fisher publicity shot!

carrie fisher beach bikini

Leia and her Father sharing the rare day at the beach 

carrie fisher stunt double sunbathing
Getting some Ray Parks...

Here's a much sought after picture of Carrie and her stunt double, Sandi Gross catching some rays on the set of Return of the Jedi.

There has also been plenty of imitators - cosplay fans who just can't seem to get enough of Princess Leia and her magical golden bikini...

But wait, there's more bikini action to be had:

Aisha make some friends...

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