Jan 5, 2014

Yes, here are all those Princess Leia bikini photos you've been looking for...

lucas smirking because of leia's bikini flash
No, we don't know Carrie Fisher's bra size.
We try and make In a faraway galaxy a great little Star Wars fan site. We’ve brought you this well examined post on cool things you may have missed in the films, this discerning one about the book that could have been Empire Strikes Back and these subtle moments in Revenge of the Sith.

But page visit numbers would suggest that all you want are pictures of Carrie Fisher dressed in a slave bikini or to learn about that time she appeared in Playboy Magazine.

That's all you want, a hot young actress wearing a skimpy, metal swimsuit bikini. Maybe you should just buy one for that someone special in your life.


carrie fisher jedi bra costume

Which is good and all as the stitching on the swimsuit bikini is indeed exquisite and an example of quality craftsmanship and should be the subject of such massive amounts of study.

So in a case of giving the fans what they want, here’s the top 9 gratuitous pictures of Carrie Fisher we could find for your personal research and study.

Let's start with Carrie as a Playboy bunny:

Carrie Fisher in play boy bunny costume

And then quickly move to Carrie wearing nothing much but a small white lace bra and a pearl necklace:

carrie fisher in white bra and pearl necklace
Carrie complemented her outfit with a nice pearl necklace
Having gone through these pictures of Carrie Fisher running around in a swimsuit bikini whilst serving drinks to and choking a Hutt Lord, we couldn’t help but notice her hair.

It’s always simply perfectly washed and conditioned. Where does she find such products on Tatooinne?

 It’s not like Jabba let her out once a week to do a round of grocery shopping or sun bathing once a week is it?

Does Jabba order in then?

Does he do it online or does he send someone into Mos Eisely? These are the pressing questions that need to be answered.

Oh forget it, here's Carrie in bed with a young Tom Hanks.

carrie fisher tom hanks bed leopard print bikini

What was she thinking wearing that leopard print bra and panties set? No wonder Tom looks like he just through up a little bit. Just a bit.

Here's Fisher on the set of Return of the Jedi catching some rays is her bathing suit. Next to her is her body double, in an identical bathing suit.

And what a double she is.

Carrie Fisher with her stunt double in Jedi

Life's a beach 

jedi bikini fisher at beach

princess leia wearing a white dress

Here's Fisher and Darth Vader having a family day at the beach which give's Leia a chance to show offer her Jedi bathing suit!
leia and vader at the beach in a bathing suit
A family photo!?

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