Jan 11, 2014

Here's Oola, the green Twilek's wardrobe slip in Jedi!

So yes, there are nipples in Return of the Jedi. Green ones actually. It's a blink and you'll miss it moment but nipples on green boobs can definitely be seen in a Star War movie:

Green space nipples.
Given that legend has it Carrie Fisher had to tape down her breasts whilst filming A New Hope (as they kept bouncing around which distracted from 'the look' Lucas was going for) it's pretty amusing for some cleavage action to occur in Jedi.

You can watch the green topless titty explosion video right here.


oola nipple slip star wars
Sorry about the quality - any one have it on blue ray?
So what's the deal with these naughty nipples popping out from the Twilek's costume? It's the greatest wardrobe malfunction ever filmed in a movie.

Only Janet Jackson's at the Superbowl comes close.

And that was real life.

It happens when Oola is dancing for the grotesque Jabba the Hutt, she gets the girls out.

It's like Lucas was doing some kind of really weird homage to Star Trek...

Word has it you could see more skin exposure in the earlier versions that were released on the film, particularly the laser disk edition but that when the Special Edition rolled around, the dancer's breasts were edited out as much as possible.

Star Wars is a family show after all. Or is it?

What is it with breasts in Jedi? First we had Leia in the very revealing slave bikini, this wardrobe malfunction and later on Han Solo grabs Princess Leia's boob while they are in the middle of a fire fight? Don't believe me about this groping?

Check the video proof.

One can only wonder what Carrie Fisher thought of Han's handy work!

Han's touch was amazing apparently
The character of Oola has inspired many cosplay players to honour the character by appearing as her at various conventions. This obviously requires a bit of green body paint and an extreme lack of a bra/ They may as well just walker around topless!:

oola cosplay jedi
You can call me Miss.
oola bikini costume
Just one more for you:

Senior management of this website also felt it was appropriate to include this cosplayer's fantastic effort as Oola as well. This is cosply done right, as despite the lack of a form fitting bra, this cosplay has covered her nipples with green paper to ensure that effect of nudity is achieved but she's actually mantaining a family friendly rating. Great job.

return of the jedi twilek cosplay

Cosplay is indeed pretty popular with Star Wars fans, here's some keen players doing the Leia thing:

adrianne curry as leia in return of the jedi bikini

Group of cosplayers as princess leia

Leia costume play bikini

And finally, no, we do not have any pictures of Felicity Jones having a nipslip. Nor Daisy either for that matter.

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