Jun 29, 2014

Andy Serkis confirms his Star Wars 7 role is motion capture based. Doesn't deny he's playing the son of Jar Jar Binks

motion capture suit andy serkis

You would have thought it was obvious that Andy Serkis was playing a motion capture based role in Star Wars 7. Given Serkis has appeared as a traditional act in several films (notably the Chef who met a horrible death by a giant worm in King Kong), nothing is confirmed about this movie until it is confirmed!

So Serkis has told Sci Fi Now:

“The Imaginarium is now involved in all of the performance capture on the Star Wars projects,” Serkis said, “and I’m playing a character in that.”

If you were wondering, The Imaginarium is a studio set up by Andy Serkis that specialises in motion capture and film production.

Given the resources that ILM and Lucas film, one can only imagine how fantastic Serkis's character will look.

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