Dec 3, 2014

Montross quotes from The Force Awakens

montross conceptual artwork
Montross concept art
Update: Montross did not make it into the Film. We speculate that he was a contender for being a patron at the Cantina in Maz's Kanata's castle.

Montross quotes from The Force Awakens - Star Wars

This is a place holder post - the name of is merely rumoured at this stage. Who could this robotic character be? The leaked concept art suggests the character could be a cyborg of some kind. If we recall that Darth Vader himself was more machine than man then it's no stretch for Montross to be a cyborg.

What part does Montross have to play in The Force Awakens? Is he a man, is he a machine? Is he Sean Connery? Only time will tell!

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