Jun 24, 2015

General Grievous was based on a vampire!

Uber Star Wars fan Mike Klimo is clearly well onto another Star Wars project after the release of his amazing Star Wars Ring Theory effort. He’s clearly getting further into the history of how and why George Lucas did things in the films. A recent tweet made me sit up and take notice. 

General Grievous's movement actions from Revenge of the Sith were inspired by a famous film vampire!

Klimo has found a 2005 account from Entertainment Weekly that the movements of Grievous were in part inspired by Nosterfaru from the 1922 film of the same name. This article suggests that to be the case and also throws in that Fagin from Oliver Twist also had a part to play as inspiration for a character who also ‘moves in the shadows’.

According to animation supervisor Jamy Wheless, they not only studied Nosferatu but also Bruce Lee films in preparation of the fight sequence.

Lucas has a rich history in taking elements from movies he likes an incorporating them into his films - check out some of the more famous references to movies he put in Star Wars.

It is not known if JJ Abrams will be putting in any sparkly characters in The Force Awakens. 

We can't wait to see what Mike produces next!

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