Nov 22, 2016

Vaguely written reasons to be excited about Rogue One. As if you needed any more.

Jyn Erso and Cassian at the Rebel Base

Reasons to be excited about Rogue One!! As if you needed any. 

Now we will learn the answers to questions that have been asked for 30 years

It’s a new Star Wars story, one we’ve never seen or heard before, but one we’ve all probably imagined at one time or another.

We knew why Darth Vader had attacked Princess Leia’s ship for the plans but we always wondered how she got them.

It's a prequel but we don't know how it will truly play out

It's a prequel but with an ending that we don’t know about. We loved Lucas’s Prequels but we always knew the end game.

And to an extent we do for Rogue One but this movie is The Seven Samurai of Star Wars, people are gonna die and that’s the mystery.

We don’t know who (with one exception that was spilled by the actor).

Will it be all of them?

Will Jyn make it through? It’s going to be a great journey getting there.

If you’ve seen Godzilla, you’ll know that movie was more style than substance. The beauty of Rogue One is that the director Gareth Edwards has been given the chance to do both style and substance (as much as a Star Wars film can have).

It won’t just be set piece after set piece of monsters crossing the ocean to kill each other, it will be set pieces for reasons!

Ha. We hope.

Darth Vader

The original man in black is back. We really, really are hoping we get to see him in some menacing form and actually see him punishing those in his way. If there’s one reason to go and see Rogue one, it’s the return of Vader.

Jyn Erso

Hot on the heels (boots?) of Rey, the Star Wars universe gets a new Star Wars heroine to carry the movie. More cocky than Rey, Jyn Erso knows where she’s come from and it’s time to pay some dues. Or pay debts. Whatever, 

Jyn looks pretty awesome running across the battle field, we think Felicity Jone’s Jyn looks the part, with a kind of a don’t give a fuck Han Solo  attitude (I rebel!) and look forward to seeing her kicking with Cassian and the Rebel crew.

Location, location, location

There’s gonna be a whole heap of new characters, locations.

These will offer some diversity to the usual sand planets!

Call backs

Star Wars loves a good call back i.e. ‘I’ve gota bad feeling about this!’ and it’s likely to happen again with Rogue One. Update: The line fell to K-2SO!

We’ve already seen Mon Mothma returning as the Rebel Alliance leader, we’ve spied some shiny droids that could be found on the original Death Star and it was only a glimpse in the teaser reel that came out but Bail Organa may be sneaking in too! Update: He was!

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