Jul 1, 2016

Dr Evanzan cameo quote from Rogue One

Dr Evanzan from A New Hope and Rogue One quotes

The good doctor is back in in the house

Dr Evanzan makes a wee cameo in Rogue One and had this line to say:


You'll remember Dr Evanzan and being one of the duo that taunted Luke Skywalker in the Chalmun's Cantina in ANH.

He say's to Luke:

"He doesn't like you."

To which Luke politely but naively says: "I'm sorry." 

"I don't like you, either!" is his reply.

The rest is history as Obi-Wan Kenobi stepped in and Ponda Baba loses his arm*.

Dr Evanzan's cameo was in line with the new Star Wars films offering plenty of call backs to the original films and given that Rogue One takes place very shortly before the events of A New Hope, his character was a good choice for the cameo appearance.

Well in Rogue One, he literally bumps into Jyn in the streets of Jedha and as we would expect, he's quick to anger and mumbles something about watching it and not liking hom when he's angry - the same he said to Luke Skywalker..

* Ponda has a curious back story which resulted in the infamous Snaggletooth toy.

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