Oct 17, 2016

TFA 3D Blu Ray features commentary by JJ!

The Force Awakens 3D has a JJ Abrams commentary!

The 3D edition of The Force Awakens is coming out on November 15th just in time for Christmas!

It’s available for order now on Amazon. Check out the price!

Of special interest to keen fans of the TFA is that this version of 2015’s best space opera film comes with a commentary by the director JJ Abrams. 

This is a dream result for the many Star Wars of whom were bitterly disappointed when the original Blu Ray release didn’t include the commentary.

As part of the promotional work for this movie, a minute of the commentary has been released. It’s the key moment in the film where Ben Solo meets his father for the first time in many years. Abrams takes some of the guess work out of the scene. 

He confirms that Ben was not always intending to kill his father at this moment and that he was up for being convinced to walk away from the moment. Ultimately he made his own decision as he believed he’d ‘gone to far’. 

JJ finishes the segment by saying “Obviously any time two characters in Star Wars go out on an incredibly thin bridge 10 miles above the ground with no railings, it's not going to end well with one of them."

This would appear to be a reference to what happens in the other famous father and son moment in The Empire Strikes Back.

Abrams also reveals a gem of trivia in it. Jon Kasdan helped the writing team develop that scene. If that name sounds a little bit familiar, that’s because Jon is the son of Lawrence Kasdan, the other writer of the movie with JJ! 

Jon Kasdan was also written the new Han Solo movie script with his father, so that’s a tight little writing unit there!

Get your order in now, so you can have it an early Christmas present!

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