Nov 10, 2016

What we think we'll see in the Han Solo movie.

If I'm begin honest with myself, the idea of a Han Solo movie that’s a prequel doesn’t exactly inspire me because I know that Han will survive it and we can all kind of guess what will be in the movie.

That said, in this new era of Star Wars film making, the quality of the films (TFA, Rogue One) has been so extraordinary, one can’t but help think a Han Solo movie will be at the minimum, visually appealing and a bit of a fast ride.

We understand that script writer Lawrence Kasdan has suggested the film is set ten years before A New Hope. And if he's the writer, I am interested!

So what can we expect to see?

It’s all guess work of course at this stage. Some things are obvious and are part of the Star Wars lore… it's how they are framed that will matter!

  • Han winning the Falcon from Lando and Lando's filthy reaction.
  • Han saving Chewbacca’s life
  • Bobba Fett will turn up
  • Jabba the Hutt or some other Hutt that requires Han do some good old fashioned space smuggling.
  • And even though was lying about it in A New Hope (according to the original script), we’ll see the Kessel Run. TFA gave truth to Han’s claims so the Kessel Run is now a legit thing in Star Wars cannon, not just mere boast by Han.
  • We want to see a long con of some sort, some kind of operation that involves a swindle. The great train robbery or some such. 
  • We want to see fan face a truly evil Imperial Office who has made it his personal mission to bring down Han.
  • And of course, we'll see a heroic end!

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