May 30, 2016

Our most random Star Wars find ever...

From the Museum that brought you the infamous Virgin in a Condom art display, here's Star Wars figurines in a Kiwiana display....

We took our children to the wonderful Te Papa Museum and found this random scene of the Star Wars figurines doing some kind of Can-can dance ... In a kiwiana display of all things! There seems to be two Leias, a silver protocol droid, Hoth Han, a Hoth Storm Trooper, a walking carpet and a Tusken Raider. 

If you're ever in Wellington, New Zealand, we totally recommend you visit Te Papa. It's fabulous! It's a perfect family outing - both kids and adults will get things out of it. They even have a massive colossal squid !! 

May 25, 2016

Rogue One / VII cast poster art revealed for Celebration

Star Wars celebration 2016 Poster

To help promote STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE 2016 a poster featuring some the cast from Star Wars VIII and Rogue One has been released. For fans looking for insight into the R1 movie, note on the poster is a new class of AT-AT: the AT-ACT, or All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport.

This poster is just one more in a long line of Star Wars posters...

May 22, 2016

The complete list of Star Wars film release dates

The complete list of Star Wars film release dates

The release of Star Wars films are some of the most anticipated dates in film history. While everyone when nuts with impatience in the year Empire was released, arguably the most anticipated dates in Star Wars film history were those for The Phantom Menace and The Force Awakens.

Here's a list of all the Star Wars film dates, and yes, we threw into the list the animated The Clone Wars film, and the two Ewok adventure spins offs as they are all part of the Star Wars family (who doesn't love a Gorax!). Yes, you too Star Wars Holiday movie.

Film Release date

A New Hope May 25, 1977
Star Wars Holiday Special November 17, 1978
The Empire Strikes Back May 21, 1980
Return of the Jedi May 25, 1983
Caravan of Courage November 25, 1984
The Battle for Endor November 24, 1985
The Phantom Menace May 19, 1999
Attack of the Clones May 16, 2002
Star Wars: The Clone Wars August 10, 2008
Revenge of the Sith May 19, 2005
The Force Awakens  December 18, 2015
Rogue One December 16, 2016
The Last Jedi December 15, 2017
Episode IX May 24, 2019

So of these movies, the Holiday special and the two Ewok movies are no longer considered official canon.

You'll note that for the first six 'big movies' they traditionally had a release date of sometime in the month of may. New Hollywood marketing realities since those movies were made (and a delay in the production of The Force Awakens) meant the December Christmas Holiday season is the favoured release window.

May 16, 2016

Who or what is the Blue Snaggletooth? And what is the truth?

The Blue Snaggletooth is one of the rarest Star Wars figurines - its design was part guess, part screw up. But wait, is there a alternative truth. Something that comes from a certain perspective. 

Snaggletooth, was originally released by toy maker Kenner in 1979 as part of a 'Star Wars Cantina Adventure' set. He came with three other friends, Hammerhead, Walrusman and the eponymous Greedo

Their faces were sculpted rather accurately by Kenner when compared to how they appeared in the original Star Wars movie, but what they did to their clothes (and sometimes physiology) has amused figurine collectors for years since.

With only a black-and-white headshot photo of Snaggletooth to go on, Kenner effectively made-up what it thought the character looked like, giving the alien human proportions a lovely blue suited costume to wear. It was quite the dapper costume.

The  actual movie version of Snaggletooth is actually half the height and wears a red outfit. Once this 'mistake' was confirmed, the correct version of Snaggletooth was re-produced and released. This meant that original Blue Snaggletooth is now a rare find and a prize worth to any Star Wars collectors top shelf. 


It can be argued that Kenner didn't really make a mistake with their design. If you want the real truth you have to go to the official Star Wars site where they lay it out:

"The funny thing is that Kenner actually wasn’t mistaken. Snivvians, the species of Snaggletooth, are average sized and more than one does appear in the classic trilogy. The character that inspired Kenner to create a smaller Snaggletooth didn’t even appear in Star Wars. It was a smaller female Snivvian called Zutmore who appeared in The Star Wars Holiday Special, seen on the photo Kenner used for the figure’s card. The Snivvians that appeared in Star Wars are often documented in black and white photographs and while they sport a hunchback, neither is short in height."

So there you have it. Every other website seems to report that the design of Snaggletooth was done in some kind of vacumn - however

Fun Fact One: The legend of the Blue Snaggletooth is so well established that you can still buy the figurine on Amazon.

Fun Fact Two: Walrusman was eventually renamed - Ponda Baba, and the rest is history. 

May 1, 2016

Star Wars posters and who Drew them. Sorry for the dad joke.

There are many iconic things about Star Wars. Vader, X-Wings, “I know” and “So be it, Jedi” quickly come to mind. Those things are movie moments themselves. But out side the film reel, the original Star Wars poster itself has become an cultural icon and those posters that have followed have also slipped into pop culture.

Here's a brief look at some of the official and teaser posters for the Star Wars films - it's not a full and comprehensive look by any means but the classic shots of Luke and the game are there.....

A New Hope 

Original Star Wars theatrical posters

Transcending the film itself, the original postee (on the left) has become the gold standard for how a movie poster can be designed. What most people won’t realise was that the poster itself was inspired by classic film posters from the Hollywood era of the 1930s.

Tom Yung had design duties on the original poster. A seasoned designer prior to his Star Wars gig, he’d done some high profile poster design work for films such as Papillion, The Towering Inferno and The Omen. Tasked with the Star Wars work, he was given access to stills of the film and photos taken during product and given a brief of coming up with a design that demonstrated ‘good over evil’. The rest is history.

While two of the posters portray Leia and Luke as sexed up heroes, the drama and fear of the movie is clear in the work.

The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back Posters

Yung’s success meant he was chosen to carry on for the sequel The Empire Strikes Back. This time Yung took a trick from his 1967 re-release poster of Gone with the Wind. Again Vader looms large, this time over Leia and Han – which is fitting given their story in the film.

Yung also designed a 'b' poster - a classic vista of Darth Vader in a more action adventure pose suggesting that Vader was weighing into the story even further this time around. Buy it here on Amazon.

Several other posters were also published. The one of Vader on the top left was sent as a teaser poster to movie theatres. By the time Empire's released date was rolling around, Darth Vader was a big enough character to be used to entice people back for the sequel.

The Revenge and Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi movie posters

Return of the Jedi saw Drew Struzan get a chance a doing a Return of the Jedi poster. This was an interesting time as Stuzan’s poster has become the stuff of legend because Lucas decided to change the name of the movie very late in the piece. Return of the Jedi was originally going to be called Revenge of the Jedi and so Struzan had prepared the now legendary teaser poster for the film of that name. As is now customary for a Star War poster, the shadow of Vader looms large (well why not, by this time Star Wars is actually the story of Darth Vader).

The poster was recalled after George Lucas decided that a Jedi would not seek let alone feel the need for revenge.

Special Edition posters of the Original Trilogy by Struzan
Special Edition posters of the Original Trilogy
The teaser poster on the top left featuring the blue saber was by Tim Reamer. Legend has it that hands on the saber are those of George Lucas. We doubt it….

That poster of Leia featuring her golden bikini was by Kazuhiko Sano.  

The ‘Return to a galaxy, far, far, away’ poster was by Tom Yung once more. Note the spoiler of the Death Star II blowing up, not cool poster from the 1980s.

Struzan was called back to do brand new posters for all three original trilogy films when they were re-released as the special editions in the mid 1990s. 

The Prequels Posters 

The Star Wars prequel posters

The teaser poster for The Attack of the Clones was quite the brilliant design effort. Featuring the young Anakin Skywalker on the planet of Tattooine, the shadow he caused was unmistakably that of Darth Vader, the figure he was to become. This poster succinctly gave the prospective viewer all the information they needed to know about this movie. 

Drew Struzan was now a favoured artist of Lucasfilm and he did the official poster which was used in over 60 countries. He managed to complete the trifecta as his work was used again for Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

TPM and AOTC were the only official posters to not feature an image of Darth Vader (same for The Force Awakens), he of course returned for Revenge of the Sith. 

The Force Awakens

The official The Force Awakens promotional poster was produced by Bryan Morton. It has the classic elements of Star Wars – being Han and Leia at the centre, X-wings and Tie Fighters having a go at each other (check the above posters, the ships are everywhere) and drawn light sabers. The posts obviously also introduces the three new main characters – and sets up the battle between Rey and Kyo Ren quite nicely as their weapons of choice parallel one another.

You can purchase The Force Awakens poster from Amazon here.

International Posters

The beauty of Star Wars being a universally loved film is that the film's posters also get the chance to have a 'foreign' touch in the sense that individual countries got to product their own posters. Here's three great ones - see if you can work out which is the Hungarian....

Hungarian Star Wars posts by Tibor Helenyi

They all are apparently!  They were created by Tibor Helényi, a Hungarian painter