Feb 25, 2017

Han Solo movie trivia and facts and Easter eggs

emilia clarke han solo movie

Facts and trivia about the untitled Han Solo anthology movie

  • The script was written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon Kasdan. This means that Lawrence has had a hand in writing four Star Wars films (Empire, Jedi, TFA and this one).
  • This film is the first Star Wars movie where Chewbacca is not played by Peter Mayhew. Due to ailing health and frankly age, Mayhew was only able to close up work for Chewbacca in The Force Awakens. Actor Joonas Suotamo did the 'heavy lifting' as the official double and has been given the chance to play the character in full for this movie.
  • Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are the first film makers to co direct a Star Wars movie. They jumped ship from writing The Flash movie to take the opportunity. Beware folks who claim George Lucas also directed with Richard Marquand...
  • This is the second Star Wars anthology movie to be made, following the release of Rogue One. It was intended to be the third but Josh Trank's supposed Boba Fett movie was delayed after he left the project.
  • Is the fifth Star Wars prequel.
  • Emilia Clarke made her name as the 'Mother of Dragons' in Game of Thrones - her appearance in this film means she is the tenth actor from that series to have a part in Star Wars - many of those roles were cameos, however Clarke's role is a starring part.
  • The working title of the movie was Red Cup, a play on the popular red plastic drinking cups, known as 'Solo' cups.
  • It spans 6 years, making it the longest time frame of any Star Wars movie (The opening scene from Rogue One excluded...)
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