Dec 29, 2017

12 bits of trivia about the Han 'Solo' movie

han solo movie facts and trivia

Despite its massive commercial and critical success, the Han 'Solo' movie will always be the Star Wars movie where the directors got fired and Ron Howard came in and saved the day.

Given that drama and the need to rework the movie, there's plenty of trivia about the making of the movie to satisfy even the most keenest of Star Wars fact fans...
  1. Alden Ehrenreich was the first actor to audition for directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. They saw many other actors but Alden made a lasting impression.
  2. Solo's script was written by veteran Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon, making it the fourth Star Wars film that Kasdan has a writing credit on. 
  3. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired by Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, only three weeks away from finishing principal photography on June 2017. They are in good company as Kennedy also removed Colin Trevorrow from the Star Wars IV project. Instead JJ Abrams is back for a second turn at directing to finish the story he started. 
  4. Miller and Lord's removal paved the way for Ron Howard to finish the film and even reshoot many scenes. This means that this is the first Star Wars film to have ever been directed by an Academy Award winner for Directing. Howard won the golden gong for A Beautiful Mind.  George Lucas was nominated for the award with A New Hope, which means he was the first Oscar nominated director of Star Wars when he directed The Phantom Menace. 
  5. Ron Howard famously turned down George Lucas's offer to direct The Phantom Menace. He also famously defended the movie and its young star. Howard had previously directed Lucasfilm's Willow production. Howard of course starred in the George Lucas film, American Graffiti.
  6. John Howell composed the film score. He's an experienced composer and has an Academy Award nomination for his How to Train Your Dragon score. This means Howell is only the third composer on a Star Wars film after John Williams and Michael Giacchino (Rogue One).
  7. Woody Harrelson was picked over Christian Bale as Solo's mentor, Beckett. Solo is the second time he has been in a Ron Howard directed film. The first was EdTV.
  8. While some fans have guessed that Solo, is presumeably the movie that Josh Trank had been hired to direct until he was removed from the job due to rumoured poor on and off set performance during the ill fated Fantastic Four reboot, this is not the case. Trank's film was likely a Boba Fett story - either way Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed they changed the order of the Anthology films, confirming that Trank was not directing the Solo movie. 
  9. The working title used during filming was "Red Cup" a reference to the plastic red Solo cups that are popular for drinking beer from at keg parties. 
  10. Michael Kenneth Williams was originally cast in the film and shot scenes, but amid the reshoots he was unable to return to the set and his role as a CGI character was removed. Instead Paul Bettany was brought in by Howard and the role was filmed in person. Bettany had a major role in Howard's A Beautiful Mind so they already had the connection. Bettany is also quite popular at this time due to his role as Jarvis and Vision in the Avenger movies. 
  11. 30 odd years since Howard directed Warwick Davis in Willow, he directed him again in yet another cameo performance in a Star Wars film.
  12. This is Joonas Suotamo's second full gig playing Chewbacca after his first turn in The Last Jedi. Suotomo played Chewbacca officially as a body double in The Force Awakens - it is speculated he did any parts where Chewbacca was walking, this was due to the ill health (bad knees) of the original Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew.
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