9 times Chewbacca helped saved the day in Star Wars

Oct 17, 2019
Is Chewbacca the greatest movie side-kick ever?

Is Chewbacca the greatest movie side-kick ever?

For a walking carpet, Chewbacca is arguably one of the best ever sidekicks in movie history. As Han Solo's friend and co-pilot, he's had many adventures and seen most sides of the galaxy as a result.

This also means he's been in the thick of the action - and through 9 Star Wars films, he's saved the day more than once.

Here are a few occasions where the world's coolest Wookie has turned things around for our heroes

Revenge of the Sith

When Chewbacca helped Yoda escape Kashyyyk after Order 66 was executed with extreme prejudice by the Clone Troopers. This single act ultimately meant that Yoda was able to train Luke in the ways of the Force.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Freeing the Wookie slaves from their confines under the Pyke Syndicate was a defining moment for Chewbacca as a character. He showed he had true, selfless heart. And then he turned the dial once more by deciding to go with Han Solo because having freed the Wookies, he’s now going to focus on his new ‘tribe’ - Han.

chewbacca covered in mud in solo

A New Hope

Chewie flew the Falcon while under attack from the Tie Fighter attack during the escape from the Death Star

Returned to the Rebel's attack with Han to give Luke the assist in the Trench Run, which ultimately saved the Rebels on Yavin.

chewbacca han solo cantina

The Empire Strikes Back

Chewbacca discovered that C3PO went missing on Cloud City and rescued him and then put him back together, albeit, slightly miss-arranged. Not the first time that had happened to Golden Rod though…

Not quite saving the day but choking Lando as a revenge for his 'betrayal' must have felt pretty good.

The Return of the Jedi

The rescue of his dear friend Han Solo was one of the riskier gigs he had undertaken. Chewbacca helped infiltrate Jabba’s stronghold by pretending to be the prisoner of Bosch - no mean feat when you know you are walking into certain death if all parts of the plan do not come off.

A classic moment was when Chewie turned up in an AT-ST at the bunker to help open the door - it was a nice fake out and signaled that effectively the Rebels were gonna win.

chewbacca commandeers a walker

The Force Awakens

After Kylo Ren killed Chewie's best friend, Han, he went on a rage kill - he took out a million Storm Troopers which allowed Ren and Finn to escape, he was also able to set off the bombs to do enough damage on Star Killer base so that Poe Dameron could do his mission. This was perhaps the first time in a Star Wars film that we had seen the true 'warrior' skill we thought he had. 

That heavy shot on Kylo Ren with his Bowcaster ultimately helped Rey beat Kylo in their saber duel

The Last Jedi

Wooking the Falcon alone, Chewie took on Kylo Ren's considerable air forces to give the Rebel's a fighting chance. His actions drew away the Tie Fighters which pretty much allowed every Rebel a second chance at life.

More favorite Chewbacca moments:

  • Complaining about being cold when outside the Star Killer base
  • The infamous space chess scene with C3PO and R2
  • When Chewbacca is about to lose Han to carbonite - Han says ““Save your strength. There’ll be another time. The Princess. You have to take care of her. You hear me? Huh?” Chewie is able to get over his personal distress and see the wisdom in what Han was asking him - and he did just that - which mean Han knew that no matter what happened to him going into that frozen block, his love would be looked after by his best friend. And Chewbacca did just that.
  • The hug Chewie gives Han on their reunion in the prison cell in Jabba’s Palace is one of the most heartwarming moments the two have shared on screen.
  • “Chewie, we’re home” Need we say more?
  • Busting down Luke’s door in The Last Jedi. Enough pissing around Luke, I’ve been through a lot of shit. Time to talk! He's actually very quotable!

How Poe Dameron's "I know" changed Rey's character forever in The Last Jedi

poe dameron "I know" quote to Rey

In Empire Strike's Back, Leia told Han she loved him and he replied, "I know".

That line has become the stuff of legend, especially so when Leia got to say the quote back to Han in Return of the Jedi.

The Last Jedi script writer and director saw fit to re-use Harrison Ford's immortal line in a new context, being when Rey first meets Poe Dameron.

Recall the plot events of The Force Awakens.

Rey never actually meets Poe Dameron face to face.

In a quick turn around at the end of the movie, she flies off with Chewbacca and R2 to find Luke and bring him back to sort out that 'Snoke taking over the world' business. Finn and Poe get to continue their bromance but that's it. 

So, in the last spoken scene of The Last Jedi, Poe and Rey finally meet after what has been a long week or three for each other.

Rey (and Chewie flying the Falcon) has just rescued Poe and the remaining Resistance Rebels from the cave on Crait and they are now safely on the Millennium Falcon. Did you know the First Order really hate that ship?

Here's the conversation:

Poe: Hi, I'm Poe.
Rey: I'm Rey.
Poe: I know.

I have to admit, on first viewing of TLJ, I did not pick up on the call back to the classic Han Solo line he said to Leia before he was frozen in carbonite.

It's a nice moment, but what does it really mean?

Prior to this conversation, the events of the movie have settled that anybody can become a legend.

Luke saw his fate or destiny and accepted it and became one.

Rey on the other  hand is bluntly told by Kylo Ren that her parents were drunks who sold her and she indeed admitted that her parents were 'nobody'.

So who is Rey then?

When Poe acknowledges that he already knows who she is, he is saying she is not nobody, she is Rey.

He knows her.

Rey will never be a nobody.

She is somebody.

She is legend.

She is Rey.

Trivia from the Han 'Solo' prequel film

Oct 1, 2019
han solo trivia movie

Trivia from the Han 'Solo' prequel film 

Despite its fairly commercial and critical success, the Han 'Solo' movie will always be the Star Wars movie where the original directors got fired and Ron Howard came in and saved the day.

Given that drama and the need to rework the movie, there's plenty of trivia about the making of the movie to satisfy even the keenest of Star Wars fact fans... Scriptwriter Jon Kasdan went pretty left field in places!

  1. Alden Ehrenreich was the first actor to audition for directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. They saw many other actors but Alden made a lasting impression.
  2. The script was written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon Kasdan. This means that Lawrence has had a hand in writing four Star Wars films (Empire, Jedi, TFA and this one).
  3. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired by Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, only three weeks away from finishing principal photography on June 2017. They are in good company as Kennedy also removed Colin Trevorrow from The Rise of Skywalker project. Instead, JJ Abrams is back for a second turn at directing to finish the story he started. 
  4. Mother Proxima is a White Worm, that name is taken from the Bram Stoker book, The Lair of the White Worm.
  5. Miller and Lord's removal paved the way for Ron Howard to finish the film and even reshoot many scenes. This means that this is the first Star Wars film to have ever been directed by an Academy Award winner for Directing. Howard won the Golden Gong for A Beautiful Mind.  George Lucas was nominated for the award with A New Hope, which means he was the first Oscar-nominated director of Star Wars when he directed The Phantom Menace. 
  6. Ron Howard famously turned down George Lucas's offer to direct The Phantom Menace. He also famously defended the movie and its young star. Howard had previously directed Lucasfilm's Willow production. Howard, of course, starred in the George Lucas film, American Graffiti, and its sequel. 
  7. When Han pulled the eel from out of his pants, this was a nod to Indiana Jones and the last Crusade where River Phoenix does the same with a snake. It's a nod to the fact Alden was replacing Ford, as Phoenix did the same in that movie at the begging. Lawrence Kasdan also wrote the Indiana Jones films so it's a great reference. 
  8. This is the second Star Wars anthology movie to be made, following the release of Rogue One. It was intended to be the third but Josh Trank's supposed Boba Fett movie was delayed after he left the project.
  9. The fighting style 'Teras Kasi' was originally in Rogue One (Saw trained Jyn to fight in that style) but it got cut according to scriptwriter Gary Whitta.
  10. Is the fifth Star Wars prequel.
  11. Solo refers to Chewbacca as being a moof milker - Solo uses the same insult in The Force Awakens when he says "Hey! Some moof-milker installed a compressor on the ignition line!"
    The battle on Mimban was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's, Paths of Glory.
  12. The second film to not have a light saber fight. 
  13. John Howell composed the film score. He's an experienced composer and has an Academy Award nomination for his How to Train Your Dragon score. This means Howell is only the third composer on a Star Wars film after John Williams and Michael Giacchino (Rogue One).
  14. Woody Harrelson was picked over Christian Bale as Solo's mentor, Beckett. Solo is the second time he has been in a Ron Howard directed film. The first was EdTV.
  15. While some fans have guessed that Solo, is presumably the movie that Josh Trank had been hired to direct until he was removed from the job due to rumored poor on and offset performance during the ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot, this is not the case. Trank's film was likely a Boba Fett story - either way Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed they changed the order of the Anthology films, confirming that Trank was not directing the Solo movie. 
  16. Dryden Vos' home base was not originally a ship but an island fortress. It would have featured Lando racing through a series of canals but the idea was dropped as it would have been too hard to get it filmed well. 
  17. There was a fourth member of Beckett's team called Korso but the character was cut in the editing room. You can actually see a few shots of him in the Mimban sequences. Korso was to be killed early on so that Becket would see value in replacing him with Chewbacca.
  18. The working title used during filming was "Red Cup" a reference to the plastic red Solo cups that are popular for drinking beer from at keg parties. The theme of the Imperial March can be heard playing on the recruitment film featured at the beginning of the film before Han signs up to the Empire.
  19. The job on the Conveyex originally featured the rescue of a band of criminals destined for prison, not Coaxium. Jon Kasdan said the idea was they would walk away wordlessly after their rescue but turn up in a potential sequel to rescue Han and Chewie from a tight spot. 
  20. First live action Star Wars film to not feature C3PO or Arto Dee Too
  21. Michael Kenneth Williams was originally cast in the film and shot scenes, but amid the reshoots, he was unable to return to the set and his role as a CGI character was removed. Instead, Paul Bettany was brought in by Howard and the role was filmed in person. Bettany had a major role in Howard's A Beautiful Mind so they already had the connection. Bettany is also quite popular at this time due to his role as Jarvis and Vision in the Avenger movies. 
  22. 30 odd years since Howard directed Warwick Davis in Willow, he directed him again in yet another cameo performance in a Star Wars film.
  23. This is Joonas Suotamo's second full gig playing Chewbacca after his first turn in The Last Jedi. Suotomo played Chewbacca officially as a body double in The Force Awakens - it is speculated he did any parts where Chewbacca was walking, this was due to the ill health (bad knees) of the original Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew.
  24. Dryden Vos has a set of Mandalorian Battle Armor in his collection on his yacht. This is the same style of armour made famous by bounty hunter Boba Fett.
  25. The movie establishes that Chewbacca is 190 years old.
  26. The Golden Idol (Fertility Idol) from the opening scene of Raiders Of The Lost Ark can be seen sitting on a table in the meeting room of Paul Bettany's character Dryden Vos. It's a tribute to Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and of course as the original Han Solo. 
  27. Michael Kenneth Williams took part in the initial round of filming, however, was unavailable for reshoots which meant he was replaced with Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos.
  28. Tobias Beckett's character was in part inspired by Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Silver had a relationship with Jim Hawkins and the Solo / Beckett relationship mirrors that. In the same vein, scriptwriters also likened the relationship to that of Val Kilmer's and Bobby De Niro's characters relationships in Michael Mann's Heat.
  29. Emilia Clarke made her name as the 'Mother of Dragons' in Game of Thrones - her appearance in this film means she is the tenth actor from that series to have a part in Star Wars - many of those roles were cameos, however Clarke's role is a starring part as Qi'ra, a love interest for Han.
  30. This is the first Star Wars film to not use the word 'Jedi'.
  31. It spans 6 years, meaning it has the longest time frame of any Star Wars movie (The opening scene from Rogue One excluded...)
  32. It's the first Star Wars film to not feature a Skywalker of any kind. 
  33. Warwick Davis reprised his role as Weasel from The Phantom Menace. He played the same character as a member of Enys Nest's gang of marauders. 
  34. Did you spy the dice in Han's land speeder? They are the ones that make it on to the Falcon. They become a minor plot point in The Last Jedi and can be seen in a deleted scene of The Force Awakens.
  35. Beckett's sudden but inevitable betrayal at the end is meant to rhyme with Han returning to save Luke at the end of A New Hope. Jon Kasdan says that in both movies the older, wiser character had to reluctantly leave and come back suddenly. The difference being the betrayal compared to Han proving himself a hero. 
  36. Val mentions 'Bossk'. This is the bounty hunter seen in the line up of hunters during The Empire Strikes Back. 
  37. This film was Lawrence Kasdan's fourth screenwriting credit for a Star Wars film.
  38. Enfys Nest's character name leaked due to promotional material slipping out. She's a pirate that leads the gang known as the Cloud-Riders.
  39. Lando's "cape closet" was an idea from the original directors. The scene with Han and Qi'ra was a nod to a similar scene Han and Leia had in the avionics room in The Empire Strikes Back. 
  40. In The Rise of Skywalker, Billy Dee William's wears a costume very similar to Lando's 'yellow suit' from this fill which is a great call back. 
  41. When Han is caught in the mud during his first encounter with Chewie, his pose is very similar to the one of him in the frozen block of carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back.
  42. The creature the Falcon encounters in the Kessel Run is called a Summa-Verminoth. It was inspired by the notion that it was to be a Lovecraft monster.
  43. The planet Mimban which Han find himself on was first referenced in the first Star Wars extended universe novel, Splinter of the Mind's Eye
  44. The return of Darth Maul was obliquely hinted at in the movie. The name Crimson Dawn, the artifacts that Vos had collected in his study and Qi'ra's use of Teras Kasi
  45. Han shoots first.

Want to know more facts and trivia about Star Wars movies? Try out those of Rogue One, Jedi and The Force Awakens! Oh, and if you are really keen, facts about the making of The Rise of Skywalker.

The May 1973 synopsis of The Star Wars which eventually became ANH

Sep 25, 2019
"the star wars" graphic novel cover by Rinzler

Every great story starts with a draft.

Here's one of George Lucas's first attempts at writing the story of what was to eventually become the original Star Wars film, A New Hope.

It's fascinating to see how elements, ideas, and plot points were seeded early on and then became a part of the final film - the Cantina scene but with a twist is a good example, lander speeders and lazor swords abound as well!

Some of the early influences on Lucas are clearly there such as the general, the princess and the two bureaucrats are straight from The Hidden Fortress.

It's also amusing to see what's not there and was eventually added i.e. Han Solo, Darth Vader, and the Force...

Obviously, George Lucas went through many variations of his story. This one, for instance, doesn't include mention of 'The Whills', a concept that came to him later and eventually used in Rogue One. 

One version of this tale was actually made into a graphic novel - which featured Han Solo as a green alien!

Here's the synopsis:


                       "THE STAR WARS"

                         May, 1973

                       Story Synopsis


                        GEORGE LUCAS

                        LUCASFILM LTD.

                       THE STAR WARS


                       George Lucas

                     LUCASFILM LIMITED

                                              May, 1973

Deep Space.

The eerie blue-green planet of Aquilae slowly drifts
into view.  A small speck, orbiting the planet, glints 
in the light of a near by star.

Suddenly a sleek fighter-type spacecraft settles ominously 
into the foreground moving swiftly toward the orbiting 
speck.  Two more fighters silently maneuver into battle 
formation behind the first and then three more craft 
glide into view.  The orbiting speck is actually a 
gargantuan space fortress which dwarfs the approaching  
fighters.  Fuel pods are jettisoned.  The six fighters 
break off into a power dive attack on the huge fortress.
Lazer bolts streak from the fighters creating small 
explosions on the complex surface of the fort.  Return 
fire catches one of the fighters and it bursts into a  
million pieces.  Another of the craft plows into a gun 
emplacement jutting from the fortress causing a hideous 
series of chain reaction explosions.  The chaos of 
battle echoes through the vastness of space.

It is the thirty-third century, a period of civil wars 
in the galaxy.  A rebel princess, with her family, 
her retainers, and the clan treasure, is being pursued.  
If they can cross territory controlled by the Empire 
and reach a friendly planet, they will be saved.  The 
Sovereign knows this, and posts a reward for the capture 
of the princess.

She is being guarded by one of her generals, (Luke 
Skywalker) and it is he who leads her on the long and 
dangerous journey that follows.  They take along with 
them two hundred pounds of the greatly treasured "aura 
spice", and also two Imperial bureaucrats, whom the 
general has captured.

The two terrified, bickering bureaucrats crash land 
on Aquilae while trying to flee the battle of the 
space fortress.  They accidently discover a small 
container of the priceless "aura spice" and are rummaging 
around the rocks pushing and pulling each other trying 
to find more when they are discovered by Luke Skywalker 
and taken to his camp.

The princess and the general are disguised as farmers, 
and the bureaucrats join their party with the intention 
of stealing their "land speeder" and "aura spice". 
It doesn't take them too long to realize the general 
isn't a farmer and that they are captives about to 
embark on a dangerous mission.  The two bureaucrats 
are essentially comic relief inserted among the general 
seriousness of the adventure.

The small group in their sleek, white, two-man "land 
speeders" travel across the wastelands of Aquilae, 
headed for the space port city of Gordon, where they 
hope to get a spacecraft that will take them to the 
friendly planet of Ophuchi.

At a desolate rest stop, the rebels are stopped and 
questioned by an Imperial patrol.  Apparently satisfied, 
the captian lets the group continue on their way, but 
a short distance into the wilderness, they are attacked 
by the patrol.  The Imperial patrol of twelve men is no 
match for the incredibly skilled and powerful general, 
who makes short work of the enemy.

One of the two-man "speeders" is destroyed in the fight 
and the bureaucrats must ride on the back of the remaining 
one, which slows the group down considerably.  They 
drive into a storm, run low on food and water, but 
eventually make it to the ruin of a religious temple. 
In the temple they discover a rebel band of ten boys 
(aged 15 to 18) who are planning an attack on one of 
the Imperial outposts.  The boys laugh in anticipation 
of the blow they will strike the Empire in the name of 
the princess.  They all stop laughing, but the laughing 
continues and they look around in consternation.  Into 
the sanctuary ambles Skywalker, scratching himself, 
amused at the idealism of the youths.  He barely 
glances at them.  The contrast between the boy rebels 
with their terse nods, their meaningful glances, and 
Skywalker, a real general, a real man could not be 
greater.  The boys plead to join the party to protect 
the princess, but the general refuses, and insists 
they all return to their homes.  They say they have 
no place to go and begin to follow the party across 
the wasteland.

One night the party is attacked by one of the large 
beasts that roam the plains, and is eventually killed 
by the boy rebels.  The general reluctantly accepts 
the presence of the boys, and allows them to join 
the group.

The general, one of the bureaucrats, and one of the 
boys, venture into a shabby cantina on the outskirts 
of the space port, looking for the rebel contact who 
will help them get a spacecraft.  The murky little  
den is filled with a startling array of weird and 
erotic Aliens laughing and drinking at the bar.  The 
bureaucrat and the boy are both terrified as the general 
orders two drinks and questions the bartender about 
the rebel contact man.  A group of bullies begin to 
taunt and ridicule the boy.  Skywalker attempts to avoid 
a confrontation, but worse comes to worse, and he is 
forced to fight.  With a flash of light, his lazer 
sword is out.  An are lies on the ground, one of the 
bullies lies double, slashed from chin to groin and 
Skywalker, with quiet dignity, replaces his sword in  
its sheath.  The entire fight has lasted a matter of 

Skywalker, the princess, and their party make contact 
with the rebel underground, but not before an Imperial 
spy, who followed them from the cantina, reports their 
plans to the city governor.  The rebels enter the 
space port to board a trader's ship, whose captain 
is friendly toward the rebels.  The group doesn't 
realize until it is too late, that it is a trap.  Guards 
pounce on them from everywhere.  The princess, the 
bureaucrats, and the boys run for a ship while Skywalker 
holds off the guards.  They narrowly escape in a stolen 
space fighter and lose themselves among the giant 
Imperial fleet looking for the rebels.

The general orbits his ship further and further away 
from the planet, until he feels it is safe to head out 
into deep space toward Ophuchi.  As he maneuvers to 
break out of orbit, a patrol craft hails the ship and 
requests to board and search her.  Skywalker trys to 
discourage them, but the patrol becomes suspicious. 
Skywalker makes a run for it and the patrol craft 
fires on them.  The rebels return the fire and destroy 
the patrol craft.  The stolen Imperial ship races toward 
the safety of deep space as twelve fighter craft converge 
on the destroyed patrol and give chase.

A raging air-to-air battle and chase begins which 
continues halfway across the galaxy.  The rebel boys 
shoot down many Imperial ships under the harsh and 
uncompromising instructions of the general.  A few of 
the boys are angered at his cold and relentless directions, 
although they grow to respect him when they begin to 
see the results of his training.  Their ship is hit 
several times and begins to break up, causing them 
to slow down.  They maneuver the crippled fighter to 
an asteroid in an attempt to hide from their pursuers.
The trick works, but as they resume their trek across 
the galaxy, the ship is rocked by a series of explosions 
and plummets toward the forbidden planet of Yavin.

Everyone jettisons safely away from the doomed craft 
before it explodes, and using rocket pack, slowly  
drift to the foreboding surface.  The general, the princess, 
the two bureaucrats with the "aura spice", and one of 
the rebel boys regroup and set up camp.  When only 
one other boy shows up, the group decides to split up.  
The general, princess, and bureaucrats head for what 
appears to be a city, while the two boys go off looking 
for their comrades.  They are watched by a giant furry 
Alien, who quietly disappears into the foliage.

Skywalker and his party race along a narrow pathway 
riding "jet-sticks" fashioned from their rescue packs.  
They round a bend and see the way is blocked by three 
or four Aliens, riding large bird-like creatures.  The 
general instantly changes direction on to a side path, 
the others follow close behind, chased by the Aliens.  
Skywalker drops behind the others and begins shooting 
at the Aliens with his lazer gun.  The Aliens sling a 
dart-like object at Skywalker as they rush along the 
road.  The general kills the last Alien just as he 
reaches the gate to the Alien camp.  Skywalker cannot 
curb his "jet-stick" in time and the momentum carries 
him directly into the enemies' hands.

The group is surrounded by Aliens.  Skywalker jumps 
off his "jet-stick" and takes a defense stance.  The 
Aliens give him room.  They seem puzzled by these 
intruders and jabber to themselves.  Two leaders carry 
on a heated argument.  Finally one storms off in disgust 
and the other summons a guard who steps forward with 
a large spear in his hand.  Skywalker and the Alien 
stand surveying each other.  The Alien makes a lunge, 
the general counters, and the fight begins.  A desperate 
fight ensues, but eventually Skywalker wins by cutting 
the Alien in half with his lazer sword.  At this, all 
the Aliens worked into a frenzy mob, carry the general 
off and throw him over a thousand foot crevasse into 
a boiling lake.

The general's sure death, terrifies the bureaucrats 
and moves the princess.  The Aliens lead them to a 
small hut where they are imprisoned.  Unknown to everyone, 
the general grabs an overhanging vine on his descent 
and swings to safety.  He starts back to rescue the 
others when he encounters an Alien.  Skywalker starts 
to attack, but the Alien drops to the ground jabbering 
and carrying on.  The general recognizes the Alien as 
the one who argued with the leader, who ordered his death.
The general trys to communicate with the Alien, but 
all he can make out is that the creature worships him
and wants to take him some place urgently.

The Alien leads Skywalker to a clearing where a platoon 
of the Imperial guard is lounging, obviously waiting 
for someone or something.  The general jumps undercover 
as a herd of Aliens arrive with the princess and 
bureaucrats in tow.  A trade is made and the platoon 
leaves in a "speed tank" with the three captives.  The 
general tries to follow, but is unable to keep up.

The Alien leads Skywalker to a small farm where he discovers 
the boy rebels are  waiting for him.  The farm is owned 
by a cantankerous old farmer who is married to an Alien.  
He tells the group that he hates the Empire and shows them the 
location of an outpost where they might have 
taken the princess.

The general and his army of youthful warriors plan 
an attack on the small Imperial outpost.  They use 
surprise and the general's rigorous training to overcome 
the enemy and capture the outpost.  they discover the 
princess has been taken to Alderaan, the capitol of 
the Empire.  They make plans to rescue the princess 
from right under the nose of the Emperor.  The only 
craft at the outpost capable of intergalactic travel 
is a squadron of one-man devil fighters, which the 
general trains the kids to use.  When they feel they 
are ready, they strike out toward the center of the 
galaxy and the heart of the Empire.

Disguised as Imperial rangers, the small armada flies 
right through the gates of the impressive city-planet 
of Alderaan and stops at the prison complex.  After 
overcoming a series of difficult barriers and traps 
they find the princess and free her.

An alarm sounds.  The rebels are forced to fight their 
way out of the prison with "multiple lazer guns" and 
swords.  A few of the boys are killed, but most of 
them make it to their spacecraft followed by Skywalker 
and the princess.  They break through a ring of Imperial 
ships attempting to stop them and escape into deep 

The princess' arrival on Ophuchi is celebrated by 
a huge parade, honoring the general and his small band.  
The princess' uncle, ruler of Ophuchi, rewards the 
bureaucrats, who for the first time see the princess 
revealed as her true goddess-like self.  The general 
commissions the "boy rebels" into the princess' special 
guard.  After the ceremony is over, and the festivities 
have ended, the drunken bureaucrats stagger down an 
empty street arm in arm realizing that they have been 
adventuring with demigods.

                    THE END ?

                                               MAY 25, 1973

George Lucas' Beverly Hills Cop III movie Cameo

Sep 21, 2019
george lucas beverly hills cop 3 cameo

We'd heard of it, but never believed it until we saw it with our own eyes. George Lucas did a cameo in Beverly Hills Cop III.

Not one. 

Not two (the best)

But three. 

What gives George?

Check the video:

↠ Why do Obi-Wan and Vader fight so slowly in A New Hope (compared to Revenge of the Sith)?

Sep 12, 2019
obi wan fights vader on the Death Star

Why do Obi-Wan and Darth Vader fight so slowly in A New Hope compared to how they fought in Revenge of the Sith?

Well, it's not because they are old!

There are two ways to answer this question.

The first relates to the effort of movie making and the era in which a movie is made.

The second is about storytelling.

In terms of moviemaking, Star Wars was filmed & produced in 1976 and featured a finely aged Alec Guinness clashing swords with a muscle man in a big heavy black suit.

No one expected the energetic acrobatics of Errol Flynn or Zorro.

This was a sword fight using 'light swords' and on-screen special effects that never ever been done before. No one ever knew Star Wars was going to become the biggest film in history.

No one knew it was going to be one of the most examined and discussed films in history.

If George Lucas had, he would have made it better. But he didn't and indeed, he swapped some points with Steven Spielberg!

There was simply no way that the sword fight between Darth and Kenobi was going to be as epic as what was eventually realised in Revenge of the Sith.

But in terms of storytelling, this is where things get interesting. What you witnessed was not a sword battle between a Sith Lord and a famous Jedi Knight, it was a conversation (watch it here).

Forget about the stylised fight between the two Jedi in Revenge of the Sith for a moment, what we were presented with was two foes that had fought some 20 years earlier where one left the other for dead.

And now, Vader is one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

We have evidence of this in the ending of Rogue One when he took out the Rebels effortlessly with his saber and using the Force. That final scene of the corridor attack has become a classic Vader moment and it can be used to show that he could move menacingly fast if he wanted.

He could have killed Kenobi in an instant but he chose to play it out a bit, maybe so he could figure out what Obi-Wan was up to (he already had a plan though to let the Millennium Falcon escape).

One could conversely argue that Obi-Wan toys with Vader somewhat as well.

He certainly insults him with his sneering use of the word Darth. This repartee allowed Kenobi to give Luke time and chance to escape the Death Star.

The telling point is not this rope-a-dope of sorts, but Kenobi's line "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." was important.

We didn't know how it was important but we were given enough to know that with this knowledge, Kenobi was not afraid to die as he knew his death would be a significant event in addressing the balance of the Force.

He knew he was able to help Luke in another, more important way - and that came to be when Luke was doing the trench run on the Death Star and was able to give guidance.

It was a noble sacrifice and it set the path for Luke to become a Jedi and bring down the Emperor (Obi-Wan had no idea Vader was still to actually fulfill The Prophecy).

vader kenobi battle
From my point of view the Jedi are evil...
By the time Revenge of the Sith came along, moving making had come a long long way.

Blockbusters were now giant spectacles filled with epic action and featured vast amounts of CGI animation.

George Lucas was able to take the current state of CGI and use it to make his duel between two heroes one of the fastest flowing there had ever been.

He needed to as well for it was the climax of the prequel trilogy and the moment everyone had wanted to see since it was learned that Vader fell to the dark side. It had to be epic, anything less would have been a failure.

Extra for experts: Check out this theory about light sabers being used in the Star Wars movies.

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All the call backs found in The Rise of Skywalker (and a few Easter eggs)

Sep 7, 2019
rise of skywalker call backs

The Rise of Skywalker call backs and Easter Eggs The new Star Wars films have done a fine effort in making callbacks to the films that came before. By going back and forth the films become a more comprehensive story where their elements and themes entwine, offering a really sustaining viewing experience.

Or perhaps callbacks are just fun fan service...

Either way, just like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi did some pretty awesome shout outs to the past films, The Rise of Skywalker has done some amazing riffs and rhymes on what has come before. It does a fine job of rounding out the sequel trilogy and ending the saga.

JJ Abrams and fellow scriptwriter Chris Terrio have done a fine job reminding us of how this final Skywalker saga film is seeing further, only because it was standing on the shoulders of giants. They may have slipped in a few Easter eggs as well...
  • When Rey trains in the forest, she uses a training orb, the same as Luke did in ANH. The same one was found again by Finn during the Force Awakens when he was looking for first aid items for Chewbacca. 
  • B-Wing space fighters are seen for the first time since the Return of the Jedi.

Check out Rise of Skywalker quotes and what Kylo Ren said. There's a star destroyer load of TROS trivia as well.

9 great 'Call Backs' that connect Star Wars films

Aug 29, 2019
darth maul face close up

8 awesome 'call back moments' that join the Star Wars movies up

When we say callbacks we're talking about how the Star Wars movies each have moments where they reference each other. 

Here's 8 classic moments where the script writers took the time to match things up. 

Things that go bump on the Death Star

Remember that Storm Trooper that bumped his head in A New Hope? 

That goof became the stuff of legend among Star Wars fans so much so that when Lucas decided Jango Fett was to be the 'father' of the Clone Army, this 'bump' was called back as an actual character trait of Jango. 

During Attack of the Clones, when the Mandalorian Jango Fett gets into his ship after his tete a tete with Obi-Wan, he bangs his head on the open door.

Grand Moff Tarkin's Revenge of the Sith blink and you'll miss him cameo

Remember this guy from A New Hope? 

Tarkin is the dude who ordered the destruction of planet Alderaan, the home of the Organa family and millions of other voices. 

The quick character cameo occurs at the end of Revenge of the Sith when Vader and the Emperor are standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer, overlooking the initial construction stage of the Death Star. 

In a blink and you'll miss it moment, a younger Tarkin quietly sidles up to the Sith Lords.

Tarkin was also brought back from the dead as a CGI animation for Rogue One. This means Tarkin appeared in three Star Wars movies in a row (for the time line).

Vader's murder of the Younglings

Killing of the Younglings in Revenge of the Sith was a pretty obvious severe call back to the prior film, the Attack of the Clones. 

While the murder is off-screen, it is blatant what the freshly anointed Vader has just done. 

He has murdered innocent children and there's nothing so subtle as that. 

The call back is to the prior film, Attack of the Clones. Recall the scene where in front of the Younglings, Obi-Wan and Yoda chat about how Obi-Wan has lost a planet (how embarrassing!). 

This is the same type of class where Yoda is teaching young ones about being a Jedi. 

In hindsight, it's a brutal set up.

'It's treason then' quote by Palpatine
It's treason then..

I've got a bad feeling about this

This line is stated by so many major characters, you just expect this line to be in every Star Wars movie you see.

"I love you"

So said Leia to Han as he was about to be frozen in carbonite. Ford's ad libbed reply of" I Know" is the stuff of Hollywood legend. 

The call back came in Jedi when just after Han Solo grabbed Leia's breasts, the lines were reversed. 

"You will die"

During Revenge of the Sith Mace Windu and Palpatine have battled it out and Windu has won the duel (something Yoda couldn't do, even when Mace had softened the Emperor up for him). Palpatine is no longer pretending he is anything but a Sith Lord. 

And he launches a lightning bolt attack on Windu with the words "you will die". 

This is a call back to Jedi when Luke has resolved not to kill his father and join the Dark Side which pisses of the Emperor who confirms Luke is now a Jedi and then stuns him with a bolt or a few thousand of Force lighting. 

He takes a pause and says "And now, you will die". Great work script writers, great work.

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens film was basically a well executed rehash of all the famous Star Wars moments, revisited in different guises.

Jakku is a stand in for Tatooine, Rey's heroism matches Luke, Maz's Castle can be likened to the Cantina etc.

The movie is basically a greatest hits of the Star Wars universe and there's one hit which we think is a brilliant call back to the film that started it all, A New Hope. 

When Finn is tending to Chewbacca's injury he looks for something to use. And he pulls out the training remote that Luke used under Obi Wan tutelage, 30 odd years beforehand. It's a blink and you'll miss moment but it was a nice wink to the past. 

And if you didn't like that, this little factoid may brighten your smile.

You know when Finn bumps the digital chess board (the game is actually called Dejarik) ... the game the starts up is the uncompleted game that Chewbacca and R2D2 played in A New Hope!

What did Rogue One offer?

Rogue One also featured a few call backs, especially to A New Hope. While the plot connections between the movies are fairly straightforward for us, the call back to 'hope' we like the best is pretty awesome and it doesn't matter in which order the movies are watched.

At the end of Rogue One, Leia's quote is that she has been brought 'hope' in the form of the Death Star plans.

In ANH, Leia refers to Kenobi as being her 'only hope'. With the entire theme of Rogue One being about hope (Jyn says that 'Rebellions are built on hope') the callback is pretty strong.

The Last Jedi snuck a few in too

When Luke is on the Millenium Falcon, R2D2 shows him the old hologram projection of Leia seeking help from General Kenobi is a blatantly obvious reference to A New Hope!

After Rey and Kylo have defeated Snoke's Royal Guard, Kylo makes it clear he is seizing control of the First Order and invites Rey to join him. Vader made the same offer to his Luke in Empire. Both Luke and Rey refused the offer. 

When Leia reunites with Luke on Crait, she mentions her hair. This is a call back to The Force Awakens when Han Solo mentions the change when they too reunite. Here's some more call backs found in The Last Jedi.

The Falcon's dice were carried over from a deleted scene in The Force Awakens and they also turned up in the Solo movie.

Speaking of...

Han Solo movie

Darth Maul cameos at the end as a big call back. He is shown to still be alive, even though Obi-Wan Kenobi sliced him in half in The Phantom Menace. The Clone Wars and Rebels (set after Solo) showed Maul survived his duel with Kenobi which means he is able to turn up as the lead of one of the crime syndicates, the Crimson Dawn.

When Han is stuck in the mud, when fighting the beast, this post echoes that if him being stuck in carbonate in TESB.

How are Acolytes of the Beyond connected to Palpatine?

Aug 26, 2019
Early concept art of Kylo Ren with Vader's burnt helmet

What is the connection of the Acolytes of the Beyond to Palpatine and the Knights of Ren?

OK, bear with us on this one....

"Acolytes of the Beyond" is a group of four words that dropped into Star Wars canon when they were introduced in the Aftermath book written by Chuck Wendig.

Aftermath describes that the Acolytes were were trying to buy Vader's saber from a vendor who claims to have discovered it so that they may 'destroy it and return it to its master in death.

First of all, what is an acolyte?

Isn't that something found in Gatorade?

No, an acolyte is someone who performs religious duties as part of a ceremony or who has been inducted into a particular ministry.

In this case, the acolytes are presumably in the ‘ministry’ of whatever the Beyond is. They worship fallen Sith and wish to venerate them by returning their 'earthly' weapons to them... in spirit.

We could presume the Beyond is the realm of the Force inhabited by Force ghosts such as Gui-Gon Gin, Obi-Wan Kenobi and good old Yoda.

Remember, if Qui-Gon can learn the tricks of the Force, so can Darth Sidiou AKA The Emperor.

Are the Acolytes of the Beyond in touch with Palpatine? 

Are they serving him?

The connection to the Knights of Ren is that Kylo has probably had dealings with the the Acolytes. 

We know he has Vader's helmet which Luke left burning on the funeral pyre on Endor.  We presume he got it from the Acolytes. 

And Vader's saber? Is it possible that the crystal in Ren's saber was that saber?

Perhaps an even more broad question is did the Knights of Ren form out of the Acolytes of the Beyond? Remember in The Force Awakens, Kylo is certainly trying to channel the spirit of Vader via the helmet...

Here's a cut from the Aftermath:

"No Sith remains. And the lone Jedi that exists--the son of Anakin Skywalker--possesses an untouchable soul. At least for now. We must instead move towards the dark side. Palpatine felt that the universe beyond the edges of our map was where his power came from. Over the many years he, with our aid, sent men and women beyond known space. They built labs and communication stations on distant moons, asteroids, out there in the wilds. We must follow them. Retreat from the Galaxy. Go out beyond the veil of stars. We must seek the source of the dark side like a man looking for a wellspring of water."

This is where things get a little bit 'big picture' in the context of The Rise of Skywalker.

Instead of a metaphysical 'beyond' like the Force, they are talking about a physical beyond, one that stretches past the known quantities of the universe.

Now let's wildly speculate about this beyond and tie the Acolytes to Emperor Palpatine and any other crazy theory we can up to.

It's clear that Palpatine is back for The Rise of Skywalker.

How is this the case?

How did he survive his apparent Death at the hands of Vader and the destruction of the Death Star II?

Is he a clone? Has he possessed Rey or other character?

Is Rey his clone? (Probably not as Obi-Wan and Yoda would surely have figured that out already).

Time will tell.

What we do now know is that there is a massive fleet of ORIGINAL Empire Star Destroyers in the trailer for the Rise of Skywalker. They are not First Order ships.

Where have these ships been for thirty years?

Have they been hiding out in the great beyond, the place that Palpatine said was beyond the edges of the maps?

Have they been hiding where the labs and communications stations are?

Are these ships under Palpatine's control? Did the Acolytes look after them while he has been 'dormant'?

Who's been there? Thrawn? The Acolytes? Palpatine himself?

What's cool is the official poster for the Rise of Skywalker features the Knights of Ren. It is quite possible we may learn some answers about who this group actually is, how Kylo uses them and any connections they may have to Palpatine (or even Snoke) and perhaps the Acolytes.

↠ How many words does Darth Maul say in the Phantom Menace?

How many words does Darth Maul say?


That's right, Darth Maul only says 31 words in The Phantom Menace.

This is attributable to George Lucas trimming down the role he had in mind for the character prior to filming.

That 31 is 27 words less than the 58 words Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke as the Terminator in the first movie of that franchise!
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