Mar 25, 2013

JJ Abrams was never a Trek fan and has a hunger for Star Wars

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As he will be for the rest of his life, Epidode VII director JJ Abrams was asked during a publicity interview for Star Trek Into Darkness about his upcoming movie:

“I don’t know because we’re just getting started. … Even though I was never a Star Trek fan, I felt like there was a version of it that would make me excited, that I would think ‘that’s cool, that feels right, I actually would want to see that’.

… With Star Wars … I feel like I can identify a hunger for what I would want to see again and that is an incredibly exciting place to begin a project. The movies, the worlds could not be more different but that feeling that there’s something amazing here is the thing that they share.

My knee-jerk reaction was that I’m in the middle of working on the Star Trek movie and I can’t even consider it. But then time went by and I got further along working on the movie and getting to a place where I had done most of the heavy lifting. So when I met with Kathy Kennedy we just started discussing it and I was able to actually engage in the conversation. …

I will say that Steven [Spielberg] was very encouraging of Star Wars. It’s funny because I talked to him about it and it turned out he knew all about what was going on.”

Two things to take from this:

1. Given how tight Steven Spielberg and Lucas Film’s Kathleen Kennedy are sooo tight, it would be safe to assume given Spielberg produced JJ’s wonderful Super 8 movie that she hit him up about JJ’s skills and attitude to making movies.

2. If JJ wasn’t a Star Trek fan and he made the awesome movies, imagine how much heart and soul he will put into Episode VIII given he is unabashedly a huge Star Wars fan?!

Punch it, JJ, punch it.

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