Is Luke Skywalker a true Superhero? Is he up there with Superman or Batman?

Jun 14, 2013
luke attacks vader jedi

Is Luke Skywalker a true Superhero like Superman?

There was a dude who once said that the first superhero movie he saw was A New Hope. I wondered about that as Luke didn't have a red cape, didn't have a Lasso of Truth or run around playing "world's greatest detective". Heck, he didn't even wear his underwear on the outside like traditional superheroes do.

So is Skywalker a super hero? Or is he just a very very heroic Jedi Knight? Here's some some arguments both for and against. 

Reasons why Luke Skywalker is a super hero:
  • Rescued a princess from a giant space station, then blew it up like a using the Force to guide him while Darth Vader was hot on his heels. 
  • Escaped from the lair of a furry snowman by escaping with some gymnastics and a blue light sabre. 
  • Defeated a hungry Rancour with quick wit and an old skull. 
  • Masterminded the downfall of Jabba the Hutt, thuse rescuing Hal Solo and everyone else. 
  • Sees dead people, who give him useful advice 
  • Able to do super leaps from industrial strength carbonite maker 
  • Nearly lifted a X-Wing out of a swamp, can make golden robots fly. 
  • Became a Jedi, turned Darth Vader from the Dark Side, saved the Galaxy.
Claims Against Luke Sky Walker being a superhero
  • Actually failed to defeat the Emperor who was owning him till Daddy stopped the bullying. 
  • Could not have destroyed the Death Star without Han Solo taking out Darth Vader.
  • Did not win the heart of the princess, and actually kissed his sister. And liked it. 
  • Wears his underpants on the inside, not outside like the definitive superhero, Superman.
The Verdict

Luke is probably a super hero by virtue of his command of the Force even though he breaks Irvine’s immutable law about super heroes and underpants (thus further proving the worth of his super hero abilities).

He's no Batman though!

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