Kathleen Kennedy met JJ Abrams when he was 15 years old

May 7, 2018
At the recent Star Wars Celebration Event the CEO of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy was asked a question about the selection of auteur JJ Abrams to direct the forth coming Episode VII. Her answer was really cool!

kathleen kennedy star wars producer
Mrs K

'I’ve actually known J.J. Abrams since he was about 15,” Kennedy says. She was working for Spielberg, and someone called her office, saying he found some Super 8 films of Spielberg’s — the films he made as a kid. These were the films. Simultaneously, Kennedy read an article about high school students who won a video award, and she thought to hire them to restore the Super 8 tapes. The students were Abrams and Matt Reeves.'

The rest is obviously history!

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