Jul 29, 2013

Kennedy wants SW to use "all the tools"

Kathleen Kennedy has made a few movies over her time, so she knows her stuff. When she says the below you believe it and just get more of a feeling how well intentioned the production of Episode VII is.

“Much like many of you, looking at all the Star Wars movies and getting a feeling in what the early films did in combination with real locations and special effects — that’s something we’re looking very seriously at. We’re going to find some really cool locations for Ep VII. We’re going to use every tool in the toolbox for this movie… It’s using artwork that you can touch and feel in combination with CG effects… We know that if we don’t have great stories and great characters, then effects mean nothing… We have an opportunity to create some amazing new characters.”

Another take away from the quote is I think the first confirmation that there will be new characters - even though it's obvious that will be the case! 

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