What is this Had Abbadon that people talk about in very hushed whispers?

Jan 9, 2017
had adaddon star wars jedi
Look, two moons!

What is Had Abbadon?

I'd never heard of Had Abbadon until I saw this concept art by Ralph McQuarrie and was curious as to why it featured two half constructed Death Stars.

That planet below is Had Abbadon.

In early drafts of Return of the Jedi, Had Abbadon was actually a proposed name for the Imperial capital which later became Coruscant and featured heavily in the prequel films.

The concept was for it to be a city-planet orbited by two Death Stars that were being built.

It was even to have a moon called Endor!

The  lowest levels of Had Abbadon were intended to be home to Emperor Palpatine's throne room which was surrounded by a lawa pit.

Luke Skywalker's fight against Darth Vader was set to take place their until it was set on the second Death Star.  Revenge of the Sith fans may recognise Vader and Kenobi eventually had a duel in a lava pit!

emperor throne concept art had abbadon
Strike me down!
The Star Wars Legacy Comics eventually made use of Had Abbadon in a story line involving a descendant of Luke Skywalker, namely Cade Walker where he took on a Sith.

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