How the Millennium Falcon could have looked in Star Wars - an early design by Ralph McQuarrie

Aug 5, 2013
early millennium falcon design

What the original Millennium Falcon design originally looked like

Here's a pretty awesome early concept design of what was to be become the Millennium Falcon.

Obviously it's the work of the great Ralph McQuarrie - it would have been amazing to spend a day in his mind. It's been famously suggested the ships original design was inspired by Lucas seeing a burger with a ]n olive tagged on to it but we doubt it very much.

If you're wondering where you may have seen this before, it's from The Star Wars graphic novel which J M Rinzler wrote using some of the very first drafts of what became Star Wars.

The Star Wars Graphic novel design

P.S. Did you ever wonder how the Millenium Falcon got its name?

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  1. The reason this design was scrapped was it resembled the Eagle from Space 1999 too much.


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