Aug 26, 2013

Here's some original Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars concept artwork. The man's mind must have been an amazing place to play in!

trench run concept design
Trench Run

Original Ralph McQuarrie concept art from Star Wars

Ralph McQuarrie is possibly one of the most famous concept artists in the world.

He's more famous than those TWO dudes that Peter Jackson uses to do Lord of the Rings anyway...

McQuarrie stamped his mark on the Star Wars franchise almost as much as George Lucas did. Lucas came up with the ideas, McQuarrie drew them and his drawings served as guidance for how the original Star Wars trilogy came to look.

Here's 18 odd classic concept drawings from Ralph that in some way shaped or inspired the look of the people, creatures, robots and landscapes in the far far away galaxy.

A New Hope

I loved the X Wing as a kid, who didn’t imagine themselves flying to Dagobah to hang out with Yoda? These designs of the X, Y and A wings are just awesome. .

a wing concept design

Luke and the vast dessert of Tatooine

An early design of the golden rod known as C3PO. Clearly McQuarrie himself was inspired by the film Metropolis.

c3po original design

Watch out for this bad ass

Han Solo introduces Luke and Obi Wan Kenobi to the Millennium Falcon

docking bay falcon art

The medal ceremony at the end of A New Hope:

The Empire Strikes Back 

Rebel Base hidden away in the ice cover of Hoth

Here’s Luke on the ice,  just after his Snowspeeder crashed. 

A trip to see Yoda on Dagobah

How about you do some trying?

An offer to join Vader and the Dark Side

I'm your Father so join me maybe?

Return of the Jedi

The visit to Jabba's Palace is one of my favorite times in the entire Star Wars trilogy. So much to see. And it had the Rancor!

Do not underestimate me, Fatty

rancor concept art

So be it, Jedi!!!

As you can see, Ralph's designs have been far reaching across the original trilogy of Star Wars films.

Extra for Experts - in early scripts there were going to be two Death Stars above a planet known as Had Abbadon.

death stars had abbadon


  1. On Hoth that's not Luke's A-Wing. It's his Snowspeeder.

    1. Whoops, fixed. Thanks for letting us know about our amateur mistake!

  2. Somewhere, in my parent's house, I have the original collection of the 1978 or '79 concept art lithos that my dad gave me for Christmas back then.... what would they be worth now?