What does the T.I.E. in T.I.E. Fighter stand for?

Aug 26, 2013

"Battle of Brentaal" by Bruno Werneck.

What does the T.I.E. in T.I.E. Fighter stand for?

The girls at work were doing a quiz the other day and one of the questions was what does TIE stand for as in TIE Fighter?

They immediately looked at me for the answer.

I ummed and ahhhed and came up with  "Twin something Engine" which kind of answered the question but in reality I had no idea what that meant in the Star Wars universe.

We soon found the correct answer.

What is a twin ion engine indeed?

TIE fighters' solar panels power a twin ion engine system that accelerates gases at a high speed along almost any vector, affording the ships tremendous speed and maneuverability.

In reality, no one knows what that means...

tie fighter chases x wing concept art

Some interesting points about these space ships:
  • That awesome sound TIE fighters make as they dog Luke and the lads in Star Wars? That would be the sound effect that designer Ben Burtt created by combining an elephant call with a car driving on wet pavement.
  • In the original Star Wars Darth Vader flew an 'advanced' TIE so that the audience could immediately distinguish it from other fighters, especially during the Trench Run.
  • There were several variants of TIE fighters, including the Bomber that you might have noticed in Empire Strikes Back when the Falcon is hiding out in the throat of a giant worm.
  • Rogue One further introduced a whole new kind of TIE Fighter, the Striker. 


  1. id think that the E in TIE stands for elite...

  2. You forgot about the TIE interceptor in Star Wars Return of the Jedi..

  3. You also forgot "tie-defender, tie model X, and tie scout."


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