What is the best order to watch the Star Wars movies in?

Aug 23, 2013

What is the best order to view Star Wars?

There has been a lot of discussion about Star Wars and the best order in which the six movies should be watched. Maybe, maybe there's been too much talk.

None-the-less, fans who don't necessarily like the entire set of films or have some gripes with various plot points have come up with a viewing order which makes things more palatable.

If you were like me born in 1978, the first ordering you probably saw of Star Wars was:

IV, V, VI, I, II, II

That is to say you saw the original trilogy in order and then the prequels. Which I'm pretty happy with.

But that does cause a few issues.

Such as you can probably figure out the ending of Episode III if you'd been paying attention to the clues people like Obi Wan Kenobi had been dropping.

The surprise twist reveal of Vader being Luke's father is also given away. So to remedy this, first time viewers could watch Star Wars in this order:

IV, V, I, II, III, VI.

A viewer can watch the first two films and enjoy the 'Luke, I am you father' twist then learn how the twist came to be by watching the prequels and then finish off with Return of the Jedi and enjoying Luke Skywalker and his band of merry Ewoks bring down the Empire. 

Seems cool eh? What if I told you there might be an even better way?

This guy has come a with a pretty interesting order and it's known by many as the Machete Order


What's missing here is Episode One. It's just gone from the playlist. Jar Jar Binks is erased from the memory banks and can only turn up in the other movies as cameos which are far less annoying. Episode One is basically dropped because a lot of people do not consider it to be a great movie.

I figure a movie I saw 3 times at the theatre and many times since must be OK and on that basis I wouldn't recommend the Machete order as I think everyone should watch all the films and make up their own mind. 

A lot of people disagree with the Machete Order and think that this order is the best way to watch the films:

IV, V, VI and now The Force Awakens...

Any maybe now that Rogue One is due the order will be

R1, IV, V, VI, TFA

Haters gonna hate...

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