How cool would it be if Cindel turned up in Star Wars VII?

Sep 23, 2013
cindel caravan of courage

Man, I loved the Caravan of Courage as a kid. I think I went and saw it on my birthday many many years ago. It would be some pretty cool nerd out if Cindel somehow found her way into the new Star Wars film - maybe it could feature her child?

Truth is, this is probably the most pie in the sky idea I've had in recent times! Now, a Gorax, that would be something...

gorax monster form caravan of courage

Is it just me or does a Gorax look like Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords?


  1. Re: " I went and saw it on my birthday"

    Went & saw - didn't have a television at your house?

    FYI - It was made-for-TV/video & not released in theatres.

  2. Scubawankenobi, thanks for visiting and pointing out the odd typo. If you come back, please come with an open mind, not your obvious smug attitude. Are you one of the Aftermath haters? FYI I grew up and live in New Zealand, where it actually did come to the movie theaters.


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