R2D2 easter egg in Star Trek Into Darkness

Sep 8, 2013

R2D2's cameo in Star Trek

Twitter user Rafaeloca has some eagle eyes and spotted a Star Wars based Easter Egg in JJ Abram’s Into Darkness film. You, know, that recent Star Trek film he did.

This screen grab shows an R2D2 look-a-like been hurled into space as the result of an explosion. This is the second Star Trek film to do this as JJ’s first did the same. JJ also included the line, “Punch It” so he’s clearly a fan.

R2D2 also famously made a cameo in Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark – the little droid that could an C3PO can be found etched into a wall of hieroglyphics at one point:

r2d2 c3po indianna jones
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