5 reasons to love that JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars VII

Oct 31, 2013
This man will make Stars Wars 7
To direct a Star Wars movie takes a bit of courage. If you're a film maker in your early days, it takes some moxie to put together a sci fi film such as A New Hope and expect to come out the other side. Then, if you're Irvine Kershner, you have to film the sequel to the biggest grossing movie of all time. So you come up with a film even better than the original. Then you are Richard Marquand, tasked with the Return of the Jedi.

Then you, as the franchise creator, make three prequels which everyone says they hate (but don't really) and you're so tired of it all you sell the company to Disney. Who then will take the mantle to direct a new Star Wars? Not Brad Bird, he was too busy. Spielberg? Too busy.

Step up JJ Abrams.

While the announcement of JJ Ambrams as director for Episode VII was meet with a lot of "nice choice" there has been the odd fan boy that has started started to kill him Jar Jar Abrams. Which while cheeky, sums up everyone's fears about the new trilogy. But there's no need for fear, as here's 5 reasons to love that JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars!

1. The man can write. Fringe. Lost. MI3. Alias. Felicity. Super 8. Did you ever see one of the greatest Astronaut movies ever, Armageddon? Yeah JJ wrote that too. So given JJ has taken over writing duties, I think we can all relax.

2. The Man can Produce. JJ is an UBER producer in Hollywood. He makes stuff happen. Star Trek. The Believers. Super 8. Lost. Coverfield. What about Brian? Alias. Fringe, He was put together so many shows and movies so he totally has the experience for this job.

3. The Speilberg Factor. JJ has been given a blessing by Steven Speilberg. Super 8 was his love letter to Speilberg. Given Lucas and Spielberg are so tight, you just know that the two of them nutted out the choice of JJ.

4. Aliens. JJ knows his Aliens. And Star Wars has aliens in spades right? Star Trek. Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans. Check. An alien wanting to just get home in Super 8. Check. An alien that falls from the Sky and destroys most of New York? Check.

5. Star Trek. Purists may have hated them but Star Trek were two really good space adventure movies. But here's the thing, Abrams did them because they were great directing gigs but he was no Trekkie and has publically stated that he much prefers Star Wars over Star Trek. If you agree the Star Trek films were enjoyable, who good a movie will Star Wars be given JJ actually likes Star Wars?!

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