What does Toto and Star Wars have in common?

Oct 20, 2016
joseph Williams toto star wars

The lead singer of Toto is the son of one of the composer of Star Wars, John Williams

This is probably one of the coolest points of Star Wars trivia you could come across if you were both a Toto and Star Wars fan - Toto's current lead singer Joseph Williams is the son of John Williams, the famous composer of all 6 Star Wars movies!

He's the one 2nd from the left. 

Musical talent clearly runs deep in that family!

So next time you hear 'Africa'* as you're driving along on a lazy Sunday morning you can follow up by humming a few bars of the Imperial March!

* Not that Joseph sang on the original version of the song...

Here's John with Steve Lukather who is the guitarist for Toto.

john williams with Steve Lukather from toto

john williams with Steve Lukather from toto

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  1. The man next to John Williams is actually Steve Lukather, Toto's guitar player. The one taking the picture, you can see him in the mirror, is Joseph Williams.


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