Just a couple of reasons to love JJ Abrams

Dec 5, 2013

  • JJ wrote one of Micheal Bay's best films. No, not Transformers, Armagheddon. Go on, admit it, you cried at the end when Harry Stamper sent Batman back up the lift. 
  • He's actually written 7 movies, 8 if you count Star Wars
  • JJ has a bromance going with Steven Spielberg. JJ wrote the screenplay for Speilberg's 1992 film, Forever Young which stared Mel Gibson and Jaime Lee Curtis. Since then the pair have worked collaboratively and most famously on Super 8 where JJ directed Spielberg produced. But how did this bromance start? During their teens, JJ and his friend Matt Reeves scored a job restoring old film footage for Speilberg!
  • Given his clear science fiction tendancies, JJ actually was the force behind the TV show Felicity. The success of that show lead to more shows like Lost and Alias. Which were cool!
  • Is quoted as saying "Star Wars is probably the most influential film of my generation. It's the personification of good and evil and the way it opened up the world to space adventure, the way westerns had to our parents' generations, left an indelible imprint. So, in a way, everything that any of us does is somehow directly or indirectly affected by the experience of seeing those first three films".
  • Did we mention he's directing Star Wars?

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