10 things we really love about Return of the Jedi

Mar 22, 2018
The three most powerful men in the Galaxy?

10 things we really love about Return of the Jedi

We love The Return of a Jedi movie - both as we remember from as a child and now as an adult.

Well, apparently I'm an adult.

Things we loved as a kid
  • The Rancour – he was a scary as monster who ate green pigs for breakfast but Luke bested him.
  • Ewoks, Wicket in particular – we loved these fellows. The scene where they think C3PO was a flying god was pretty funny. The Ewok attack on the Bunker was just awesome, with all the cool tricks and traps they sprung on those stupid Storm Troopers was simply great entertainment.
  • Bib Fortuna. I saw him on a poster as we were waiting to go into the movie and never forgot that moment as the excitement was building and during the movie he was pretty scary and ugly.
  • A green lightsaber. GREEN! How cool was that? And it flew out of R2D2’s head.
  • When Luke goes to strike the Emperor down but Vader’s saber beats Lukes. Awesome and you knew they were about to have the battle they didn’t finish in Empire.
  • When Vader saves Luke. BEST FEELING EVER.

Han's rescuers
Things we love about Jedi as an adult
  • A certain bikini seems quite appealing.
  • When Leia return’s Han’s I love you with I know. How clever was the call back to Empire when Leia declared her love and then shot an approaching Stormtrooper?
  • Listen very carefully as Darth Vader picks up the Emperor and throws him down the Death Star shaft. This is the only time the Jedi theme music plays over a shot of Vader, reflecting his return to the light side of the Force. That’s great film making right there.
  • When Luke is on the Jabba's Sail Barge fighting guards bearing staffs and blasters, he uses his light saber to deflect them.  This perhaps a call back to the original movie where Luke wears a blaster helmet and tries to anticipate shots from the Training Remote Old Ben found on the Millennium Falcon. This shows the progress Luke has made as a Jedi Knight. His skills are complete?
  • Attack on the Death Star II - especially that moment when the Falcon flies towards the screen with Tie Fighters all around. Movie magic.
That's what we love about Jedi - what are your favourite moments, characters and bits of trivia?

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