Feb 14, 2014

Did Lucasfilm just accidentally on purpose reveal the Millennium Falcon is in Episode 7

We've heard whispers for a while now that somewhere in England a Millennium Falcon is being crafted to use in the new Star Wars 7 movie. But only whispers. Lucasfilm has just revamped their website and in doing so they appear to have manged to include a version of the Millennium Falcon in the background of a photo with Lucasfilm's chairman, Kathleen Kennedy having a production meeting with the troops:

Millenium falcon leak

Is that image to the right of the dude with glasses some concept art of the Millenium Falcon, and is it for Episode 7? And what's that second image, some kind of green land mass? If so was this a deliberate leak? Accidentally on purpose?

Regardless, it doesn't really reveal much! If you're interested, here's the original Falcon concept artwork by Ralph McQaurrie.

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