Jedi filmed female X-Wing pilots but they were cut from the film

Nov 12, 2016
deleted female pilot jedi
Is it me or is this X-Wing pilot kind of hot? I find the green quite fetching....
Did you know the production of Return of the Jedi filmed female pilots attacking the Death Star but they were left cut out of the film on the editing room floor?

Me neither till I spied this picture on the internet. Check her out being tailed by that TIE Interceptor - looks like the shield is still up! (Actually is this really an X-Wing, I think it's an A-Wing). But alas, this scene was cut from the Rebels assault on the Death Star.

Vivienne Chandler was filmed as an X-Wing pilot for Jedi were she had a 'full page and a half of dialogue' in a cockpit set. She reckons she actually went to a screening of the film that included her scenes, and then when it was actually released to the public, she was on the cutting room floor. Gone.

Including this rather motherly looking lady:

female pilot deleted from Return of the Jedi

Here's Vivienne in full X-Wing pilt garb:

vivienne chandler jedi cut scene
Could this Martini BE any stronger?

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