The 5 seemingly worst things George Lucas did to enrage Star Wars nerds everywhere by changing things up years later.

May 2, 2018

For a huge number of Star Wars fans, the first three movies were perfect.

There was no need to go back and touch them up. And then there are the prequels and the haters pretty much hate.

So here's a list of the things that fans probably consider are the worst things the brilliant George Lucas did to enrage the fans.

Not that we care, we love George and think the things he does to make his movies better are done with love. Yes, somethings he got a little bit wrong but the venom that the internet spits when it reads his name is unwarranted.

But here's the list:

Han shot first

Han shot first in Star Wars in 1977. Lucas had some modern day views and with the Special Edition made the exchange with Greedo very ambiguous, as if to suggest Gredo shot first.

No matter how Lucas tries to frame it, Han originally shot first and any suggestion of change enrages fans across the world

Christiansen is added to Jedi

This one actually annoys this author. On the DVD release of Jedi, post Prequels - the celebration scene on Endor used to feature the OLD version of Vader where he has just been hanging out with Luke as he dies on the Death Star. On the DVD release, Sebastian Shaw is replaced with a likeness of the YOUNG Hayden Christiansen.

It makes no sense and pisses people off and fair enough we say.

Yes, we understand what Lucas was going for, he's showing the version of Anakin before he turned to the Dark Side but so what, Vader had just redeemed himself which was pretty damn awesome so why can't he turn up to the Ewok Village as himself?

Ewok eyes

In a digital release of Return of Jedi, George added some life to an Ewok's eyes so they blinked. The internet lost its shit over that one. But not as much as the:


That 'no' is what Vader cried out when the duplicitous  Darth Sidius told him that Vader himself had killed Padmé. This over the top cry took a little shine of that had been an excellent end to Revenge of the Sith.

But Lucas went one further and added it to Jedi as well - so when Luke is about to learn what mastery of the Force really means, Vader let's it slip again. Jeez. 

Jar Jar Binks

You are quite right, Jar Jar is not a Lucas tinkering with a film. He's a full-blown character from Phantom Menace that many of the first generation of Star Wars fans simply cannot stand. He's annoying, doesn't look 'cool' and ruined all the good scenes the movie has. And fans hate the prequels largely because of this nonsense.

That said, young kids absolutely love the guy and the prequels so go figure, maybe Lucas knew what he was doing.

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