↠Does C3PO have Asperger's Syndrome?

Dec 9, 2016

Does C3PO have Asperger's Syndrome?  

I'm not a doctor.

I'm not a professor of science.

I'm a Star Wars fan.

I'm a Star Wars fan who was watching the Big Bang Theory and I was enjoying how Dr Sheldon Cooper was oblivious to the situation around him.

He misses the blatant innuendo between his friends and he is completely oblivious to how rude he can be.

The joke is that he appears to have a degree of Asperger's Syndrome and it's never mentioned. And then they had James Earl Jones appear and I thought, crikey cobber, does C3PO have Aspergers as well?

Now, let's be clear, this is a light-hearted question. I have no expertise in this area (or any really) so read the rest of this article with a grain of salt (unless you have already thrown it over your shoulder).

NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS! once screamed Han Solo as he piloted the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid belt that was laced with potatoes. And during that stressful moment, C3PO decided to tell Han the odds of survival. It was completely inappropriate.

Han and Chewie were doing their best too dodge moving rocks and attacking TIE fighters, surely a pretty stressful thing - and what does Golden Rod do? Tells them his prediction about surviving. A pretty rude thing do to?

A pretty out there thing to say? Perhaps C3PO had missed the social situation he was in (impending doom) as perhaps Asperger's sufferer, Sheldon Cooper.

How many times has C3PO mentioned odds of something occurring in Star Wars? I have no idea but its a lot.

It's like he's his primary directive is to share gambling information with humans and other robots. People with Asperger syndrome often display intense interests, perhaps this can be ascribed to C3PO in the form of his love for mathematics and probability?

In all truthfulness, one can be reasonably confident that when George Lucas wrote Star Wars he never would have intended his robot to suffer from Aspergers. It's almost become a beat up by critics and fans, perhaps in the same way people think Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie are gay.

They were never intended to be but various quarters have embraced them as such. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Maybe the joke went too far with C3PO - let's just be glad that JJ 's The Phantom Menace didn't have him talking about the quality of K-Mart or counting cards as that would be a space bridge too far.

K Mart sucks by the way.


  1. I only see a parrallel with the fact that Aspies are quite logical in their perspective and so are robots. C3PO is a robot and robots are very logical.

  2. I know it's a necrobump but I came here through a partner of mine when we were discussing how much all the Star Wars franchise robots (maybe except for BB8, just maybe) are quite neurologically diverse or impaired. So you're not totally wrong (I'm not a doctor either but hey I'm Aspie myself). However I don't think much C3PO fits a lot into Asperger's although as autists we now use to believe in a more broad way to look into the autism specters other than just enclosed diagnostics sometimes - although fitting into it might be also conforting a lot of times too. I can't blame that Aspies and Tourettes are usually confused over the time. Ok, sometimes I do, but it's kind of a lack of overall information about autism specters.

    Actually it *could* fit Tourette, a light degree. Maybe not, we were more into a single anxiety disease. But obsession (and specially on numbers and patterns), anxiety and some degrees on complaining and shouting at people for apparently no reason (actually it does have one but it's really hard to identify from outside) does range into it. For instance, actual Aspies would behave most of the time *exactly the other way* C3PO did over Han. We use to be very commited about verbal statements and also very introspective to communicate under pressure, so we would *not* tell the odds, and we probably wouldn't not tell *absolutely*. And yes we do nurture intense interest over stuff we love but it could often be confused with pattern obsession or tidiness.

    And yes, it also applies for Sheldon, although I'm not into TBBT but people tell me a lot. :)


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