Top 20 reasons to never visit Tatooine

Apr 7, 2018
Mos Eisley Spaceport

Top 20 reasons to never visit Tatooine


Luke Skywalker's home world and basically a giant sand box with plenty of reasons to never visit the place.

So here's 20 reasons to never visit the place.
  • The milk is blue
  • Han shoots first
  • There’s too much scum
  • There’s a good chance Storm Troopers will burn your Aunt and Uncle
  • There’s too much villainy
  • There’s too much sand
  • There's too much scum and villainy
  • You heard of Jabba the Hutt right?
  • There’s too many Tusken raiders
  • Too easy to fall into a Sarlac Pit
  • There’s too many womp rats
  • You can’t find the droids you are looking for
  • There’s too much pod racing
  • Too many virgin births
  • There’s not enough pod racing
  • T-14 hyperdrives are so very expensive
  • We mentioned the sand right?
  • There’s two suns which means twice as much sunscreen is needed
  • Moisture farmer is seen as a good career choice
  • Your droid will not be served in Chulmun’s Cantina
  • It’s a long way to Tosche Station to get power converters.


Reasons to not visit Mustafar
  • Force choking is very popular
  • People deal in absolutes
  • The lava really burns
  • People will steal your light saber when you are casually having a lava swim.
  • The trip will cost you an arm and your legs. 


  1. It's spelled Mustafar, and is pronounced moost-uh-far. Not trying to be rude, but it drives me crazy when things are spelled wrong. Sorry.

    1. No idea what you are talking about mate ;)


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