Awesome cameos you may have missed in the Star Wars films

Nov 9, 2020
Richard Marquand Cameo return of the jedi
Could this be the director of Return of the Jedi taking part in the Battle of Endor? 

Star Wars has plenty of cameos by famous people and by people that got famous due to Star Wars!

You just need to know where to look.

The Star Wars films are full of cameo moments by people related to the films in some way.

Whether they were the son of a certain director, a certain director himself or an actor famous for wearing a golden suit or short fella known for his role as Wicket in Jedi, there's been plenty of fun had amongst the casting of many faces in the films.

Here's the list of cameo spots in Star Wars but bear in mind that it is not all inclusive, it features only the cameos of fairly well known persons - there are many cameos by production staff and friends of the Lucas realm that are not included.

Prequel films cameo appearances:

The Phantom Menace

Warwick Davis as Weazel in Phantom Menace
Davis on the right of Watto as Weazel.
  • Warwick Davis who is famous for playing Wicket made a turn as Weazel. He's actually appeared in Star Wars many times.
  • Sound man Ben Burt turned up as a noble man. 
  • Francis Ford Coppola's daughter Sofia turned up as one of Padme's aides. Sofia went on to win an Academy Award for her script for Lost in Translation

Attack of the Clones

  • Think back to Attack of Clones where Obi-Wan and Anakin chase Padme's would be assassin to the bar. After Obi-Wan strikes with his lightsaber a white-haired man is shown. This is none other than Anthony Daniels, that actor who plays C3PO. Oh my! 
  • Ahmed Best is in the same scene too but best not to mention that too loudly in case the Jar Jar haters are listening

Revenge of the Sith 

  • George Lucas famously turned up dressed in blue.
  • Anthony Daniels did a cameo asoldierider called Dannl Faytonni
  • Jeremy Bulloch who is a very popular element of Boba Fett did a fairly genuine cameo as Jeremoch Colton, the captain of the Sundered Heart.
  • Jett 'son of George' Lucas has a small but cool role as a young Padawan who attempts to get to Bail Organa but is killed by the Storm Troopers. 
Original Trilogy Cameo Appearances:

A New Hope 

  • This was the first film so there was not a real tendency to cast people in the know by way of self referential cameos. Except for one. Joe Johnston donned a Storm Trooper costume for a couple of scenes. Johnston of course was responsible for designing the Tie Fighter and other space ships for the film and for working on Boba Fett in Empire. He went on to become a fairly good director in his own right most notably Captain America, The First Avenger,

The Empire Strikes Back

  • Ralph McQuarrie, the famed designer of the look of the Star Wars universe has a brief cameo in Empire during the Hoff base opening events.
  • That chap to which Han Solo retorts, "Then I'll see you in Hell!" just before he heads out into the dark knight to find a certain missing Jedi? That's Cliff Clavin from Cheers AKA John Ratzenberger. Hey Norm!
  • That's Ralph with the folder. Good folder holding Ralph!
  • While Jeremy Bulloch is known for playing Boba Fett, he had a small role as an Imperial Officer in Empire Strikes Back - he's the one escorting Leia once she has been captured by Vader. Whether this counts as a cameo or he was just filling in, I'm not sure because he wasn't 'famous' still after the film came out.

Return of the Jedi 

  • The film's director Richard Marquand had a go piloting an AT-AS walker in Return of the Jedi.
  • Marquand also did the voice of the robot EV9D9 on Jabba's sail barge - he's the one who gives R2D2 and C3PO their jobs. 

The Force Awakens

The list is too long to go here, so check the cameo list here! It features Daniel Craig from James Bond.

The Last Jedi

  • Gary Barlow, songwriter from Take That donned the white and black, as did Bane himself, Tom Hardy but both only made the cutting room floor. 
  • Rogue One's director Gareth Edwards has a small cameo as one of the Rebels fighting in the trench on Crait. He has R1 written on his tunic. 
  • Adrian "Ade" Edmondson, of Bottom, Young Ones fame, has an extended cameo as a First Order Officer.
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt does the voice of the alien that turns in Finn and Rose at the Canto Bight Casino. Levitt has appeared in several films directed by Rian Johnson so no surprise there. The character was called Slowen Lo.
  • Justin Theroux plays the Master Code Breaker that Finn and Poe are sent by Maz Kanata to meet.
  • Star Wars veteran Warwick Davis plays Wodibin - his 9th appearance in Star Wars. He actually filmed a second part as Kedpin Shoklop though this did not make the final cut. 

The Rise of Skywalker

Rogue One

  • Warwick Davis plays Weeteef Cyubee 
  • Jimmy Smits plays Bail Organna

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