Facts about Ewoks and Endor from Return of the Jedi

Jun 26, 2014
Cindel from Caravan of Courage
A googly eyed Wicket, Cindel and Ewok buddy who's name I have no idea of

Facts about Ewoks and Endor from Return of the Jedi


Love them or hate them they are part of Star Wars canon so they are part of the Star Wars universe. So here's some facts and stories about them and the moon they live on, Endor.

You may have heard of it...
  • The word Ewok is never mentioned, not even once in Return of the Jedi. They are referenced in the credits. 
  • Kenny Baker, famous for playing R2D2 was supposed to play the part of Ewok Wicket. When it came time to film , he was too sick and so a very young Warrick Davis filled in at the last moment. The rest is history and he made a career out of acting ever since. Baker did in the end have a cameo as an Ewok  - he's the one that steals a Stormtrooper's speed bike as a diversion tactic!
  • The scenes of Endor's forest including the Ewok assault and the speed biker race were filmed at locations in North Carolina, USA.
  • One idea for Jedi was the the Wookie people to feature as the combatants the Storm Troopers faced during the Battle of Endor. It was eventually realised that concept of the Wookie engaging in the intended primitive acts the script demanded as it was clear Chewbacca was too advanced such as he could fly a Falcon! Thus the Ewoks were born. 
  • The cynics out there disregard this story and believe the Ewoks were created as they were be more marketable in terms of merchandise opportunities. 
  • Wicket is never named in the movie, only in the credits. 
  • What do you get if you say wookie backwards? Ewok. It is however said that Ewok are named after the Miwok, a Native American tribe, indigenous to the Redwood forest where the scenes featuring the cuddly critters were filmed.
  • Endor is not a planet but a moon. The Return of the Jedi novel suggested that the planet around which the moon orbited was destroyed a long time ago. That planet was called Endor, hence why some people call Endor, the Forest Moon of Endor. Other media suggests a planet does exist.
  • Endor went on to feature in a couple of Star Wars spin off movies, namely Caravan of Courage which featured the Gorax as the chief monster villain and Battle for Endor. These movies introduced magic and mysticism whereas the trilogy had only the Force. This change was designed to appeal to children and thus witches, wizards, giants and fairies featured in the movies. 
  • The Ewoks managed to star in their own cartoon that ran for two seasons. 

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