The Force Awakens X-Wing was modeled on the original McQuarrie design art

Jun 3, 2014
star wars 7 xwing leak

The leaks are coming thick and fast about Star Wars 7 - this time we have space ship props, from the England Pinewood Studios.

What we want to focus on is this X Wing model picture. Obviously it suggests there are X wing in the movie which is cool as they are to my mind, the greatest ships in Star Wars.

Look closely at what I'm gonna call the 'jet intake' where the wings join the body. Do you recognise anything?

xwing jet intake leak

If you're a Ralph McQuarrie fan you may spy that they are very similar to his original designs of the X Wing from A New Hope.

xwing concept art mcquarrie

The design of the ship also appears to have a shorter nose than the original X Wing seen in the Original Trilogy.

This is pretty cool as it models the approach the forth coming Star Wars: Rebels is taking using some original design models. It's kind of a same same but different approach.



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