Why are there photos of Luke with a bandage on his face from The Empire Strikes Back but there's no bandage in the movie?

Feb 11, 2017
Lawrence Kasdan on the set of Empire with Hamill
Face... off!

Why is there a picture of Luke with bandages on his face in Empire?

We came across this cool picture on Star War’s Instagram page.

It’s Lawrence Kasdan, the writer of Empire and Jedi (and 7!) inspecting the bandage material on Mark Hamill’s face.

This is from the scene at the end of Empire where  Luke is recovering from his assault by Darth Vader.

The images of Hamill being covered in bandages were eventually not included in the final version of Empire.

As an aside, it has been suggested this bandage scene was designed to accommodate Mark Hamill's face being re-arranged following a car accident however, that myth has been busted.

And anyway if it were true, you would need to explain the change at the start of the movie, not the end (queue the Wampa attack rumours....). 

The scene was originally intended to allow and Leia have an intimate conversation that leads them toward a kiss but before they are able to do so, R2-D2 and C-3PO enter.

But what kind of kiss?

A loving one leading to a budding romance or two friends who’ve been through some trauma hugging it out?

Obviously, that could have muddled things up with the whole Leia loves Han thing so it makes sense the scene was edited in the way it was released – original script ideas did, however, have a great love triangle between the three main players.

Indeed, the second draft of Empire had lines like Vader addressing Luke in this manner “You're in love with Leia. You don't want to lose her to Han Solo... But you will, if you lack the courage to use the strength that's in you. A strength as great as mine, Luke”.

Go figure but remember, “I know” ultimately became one of Star Wars’ best ever lines.

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