Why did Leia lead the Empire to the Rebel Fleet hidden on Yavin IV?

Mar 18, 2019

princess leia storyboard sketch

Why did Leia lead the Empire to the Rebel Fleet hidden on Yavin IV?

We wonder if the most popular question asked about Star Wars is "why do Storm Troopers always miss?" then is the second most popular question "why did Princess Leia leave the Empire to Yavin IV" and thus the location of the rebel fleet?

What is the answer anyway?

The short answer is Leia bet the farm on taking down the Death Star.

With the knowledge that they had found a weakness in the structure of the planet killer, it was time to play and she was prepared to put the entire Rebel fleet at risk to do it. (One question I have is did she know this at the time of her escape from the Death Star)

Once the planet Alderaan was destroyed Leia realised that the Empire was in a massive new position of power.

There was nothing left to lose now that the Emperor had the power of the Death Star at his disposal.

There would be no more negotiations with dissenting planets - anyone who stood in the Empire's way could be obliterated.

Basically, it was now or never and so Leia deliberately let Han Solo drive the Falcon to Yavin IV in the knowledge she and her rescuers had been allowed to escape (which explains why the Storm Troopers missed all their shots).

She knew Tarkin and Vader would have a plan and she was correct in that the Falcon had been bugged.

Recall Leia says to her rescuers "They let us escape".

It was thus a game of I know you know with Tarkin.

One which ultimately cost Tarkin his life.

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