The Force Awakens concept art released / leaked - they suggest there's another great story to be told in the Star Wars universe...

Oct 15, 2014
vader's mask in star was 7

It seems that we have a real deal leak of concept art for The Force Awakens

Concept art is used to inform the the vision of the written story. Famously Ralph McQuarrie did this for George Lucas in the original Star Wars trilogy and Doug Chiang did for the prequels.

So these leaked concept designs were made to help let every one who was making The Force Awakens know what the film is supposed to look like. They set the tone, shapes and all round feel of the movie.

Here's some of the most interesting pictures:

This is a fallen AT Walker, that's possibly on Tatooine as it was titled Binary Sunset. Scuttlebut around the internet has suggested Daisy's character was living in a broken Walker, so maybe that rumour is real, there's some one sitting on on the thing....

at walker daisy binary sunset

Here's a reverse verse image of the Walker. 

Below is a Work In Progress (WIP) of some kind of base (a rebel base?) where a Falcon can be spied and what I think is a Corvette.

falcon concept art star wars 7

Here's a sweet shot of a tie fighter that appears to be in a hangar with some Stroom Troopers hanging around

This is a crashed Tie Fighter which matches other internet rumours that a major character in the film crashes and meets Daisy's character who is apparently living in the above AT Walker.

crashed tie fighter concept art

Who is this fellow? Is his name Montross? Extended Universe tales tell Montross was a Mandalorian bounty hunter who competed with Jango Fett to become the template for the clone troopers of the Galactic Republic. Montross was originally conceived by George Lucas for A New Hope but the character never made it onto the silver screen.

montross concept art

So there we have it - new characters, old ships, new ships, stormtroopers - and a return of Darth Vader in some form judging by the top image. Who is the Sith like figure? I suspect Max Von Sydow will be playing him... maybe he's the Montross character....

Also finally, Chewbacca has a bionic arm!

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