Picture of a very young Warwick Davis on the set of Return of the Jedi - with a slave Leia!

Oct 6, 2014
You would be forgiven for not recognizing this young lad with Carrie Fisher even though he played one of Return of the Jedi’s most famous Ewok’s Wicket. Warwick Davis managed to snag the role of Wicket as the actor who was to play him, R2D2’s Kenny Baker happened to be too sick on the day of shooting.

warwick davies and carrie fisher on the set of Jedi

This turned out to be a big break for Warwick as he went on to perform as Wicket in further Ewok films, took a turn as the title character in the popular Willow film, starred as a leprechaun in some b grade horror movies and even made a couple of appearances in the Harry Potter films.  

Davis can regularly be found on the Star Wars celebrity circuit, often hosting events where he acts as the Master of Ceremonies or interviewer, usually of fellow cast members. He's actually gone on to play several parts in Star Wars films, becoming a much loved fan favourite.

Legend has it that George Lucas wrote the film Willow with Davis in mind for the part.

He'll always simply be Wicket to this writer!

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