18 facts and trivia about The Force Awakens

Nov 6, 2014

Like the other movies before it, Star Wars The Force Awakens has a lot of cool trivia and facts surrounding its production and story line.

JJ Abram's masterfully crafted film is chock to the brim with callbacks to the other movies and shouts outs to famous moments.

Here's some of the best trivia and facts we've found about The Force Awakens.
  1. Principal filming started on May 16 2014 in the desert of Abu Dahbi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Prior to that, some second unit filming had taken place in the same desert and Iceland. The filming finished on 7 November at which time the film's name was revealed via Twitter.
  2. Max von Sydow, who plays Lor San Tekka also played Emperor Ming the Merciless in the film Flash Gordon. It’s a loose piece of trivia but the Flash Gordon serials were a major influence on Lucas’s development of Star Wars. 
  3. Poe Dameron's name is inspired by JJ's longtime assistant Morgan Dameron.
  4. The production crew had a preference for using real locations and miniature models over green-screens and computer-generated imagery. This was so The Force Awakens was aesthetically similar to the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s also likely a response to concerns that the Prequel Trilogy was hugely CGI based – so much so that all the stormtroopers were CGI in Revenege of the Sith (yet there was actually heaps modeling in those movies, most people miss it).
  5. James Bond star Daniel Craig has a blink and you'll miss him cameo as a Storm Trooper.
  6. Simon Pegg has a turn as a masked character as well, called Unkar Plutt.
  7. Director J.J. Abrams had worked with Harrison Ford before. Ford appeared in the film Regarding Henry which was written by Abrams.
  8. The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars film to have more than one producer, being J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk.
  9. The XL2 cameras that were used were given names - the "A" camera was nicknamed the "Death Star", and the "B" camera, the "Millennium Falcon".
  10. The filming name was "Avco" so named after the Los Angeles cinema that the director JJ Abrams first saw the Star Wars in.
  11. Captain Phasma's final armor 'look' was at one time a conceptual design for Kylo Ren.
  12. At one stage Carrie Fisher had not read the film’s script but was desperate too. She tried to bribe costume designer Michael Kaplan to divulge details with a chance to see the red shoes from the Wizard of Oz that Fisher’s mother owned. Kaplan while tempted, he kept his mouth shut and never saw the shoes.
  13. The first trailer for The Force Awakens was 88 seconds long and debuted on November 28 2014. The second trailer was released on 17th April 2015 and had over 88 million views on the internet in 24 hours. The third trailer was released on October 19th and broke the internet. 
  14. Alan Dean Foster returns to the series to write the novelisation. Foster wrote the original Star Wars novelisation, and is somewhat famous for the sequel, Splinter of the Mind's Eye
  15. The Starkiller base name was inspired by that word being the original last name of Luke Skywalker.
  16. The name of the crashed Star Destroyer that Rey pilots the Falcon through is called the Inflictor which was scuttled onto the planet Jakku in a battle that took place one year after the events of Return of the Jedi.
  17. First Star Wars movie where no one loses an arm, though a scene was filmed with C3PO ripping off Unkar Plutt's arms. It was released as a deleted scene. A cut plot point was that Plutt chased Rey to Maz's Castle as he wanted the Falcon returned to him and Chewie dealt out some justice.
  18. Finn's stormtrooper reference number FN-2187, is a reference to the cell 2187 which was Princess Leia's original cell on the Death Star in A New Hope. In that movie, Leia was held captive in cell block THX 118 which was a reference to George Lucas' first film of the same name. 
  19. On Jakku, you can spy an old pod racer - a nod to the great race in The Phantom Menace.
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  1. The fighter pilot helmet that Rey wears out side her base camp was originally that worn by Captain Dosmit Ræh of the Tierfon Yellow Aces. my


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